It’s not about the body, folks


Nudism and naturism, nude recreation, they’re not about the body, and certainly not the bodies of other people. Many people, certainly the unenlightened ones, will think otherwise. Why else would you hear things like “when you go to a nude beach you see the people you don’t want to see“?

That makes me wonder why such people go to a beach. To stare at others, probably, not to have a relaxing time.

Naturism (for me at least) is about body freedom. The awareness that nearly no body is perfect (mine certainly isn’t) and that you can be happy with that.

We’re not here to be perfect in every way, even when advertising tries to convince us otherwise. They’re wrong and they just try to get into your wallet. After all, unhappy people are more willing to spend money on ‘improving’ themselves than happy people.

Happy people don’t need all that. It basically comes down to “Love the person that looks back at you in the mirror, that’s where it all starts.” (Via twitter, by @AphroditeAfter5)

What’s so special about nudism?

I guess that’s a question on the mind of so many people. And probably many nudists have been asked this question.

There are several answers to this one.

What’s so special about nudism?

I think most nudists/naturists will mention the freedom. No more bonds of clothing that restrict you in your movement.The falling away of social boundaries based on clothes is also something that many people in the nudist lifestyle will recognise.

But think about this: basically there’s nothing special about nudism. It’s just something that isn’t seen as ‘normal’ these days, with everyone being brainwashed and trained into believing that wearing clothes is ‘normal’.

Dressed people walk around, talk, have fun, watch TV, read books, eat and sleep. Naked people walk around, talk, have fun, watch TV, read books, eat and sleep. The only difference is the few layers of fabric that one chooses to wear. Or not.

Too bad that clothes are such a big deal…


nudeSometimes I’m surprised about how people in the nudist/naturist way of life emphasise how nude they are. Nude when they read something, nude when they sit on the couch and watch TV, being nude while stripping off wallpaper, nude… everywhere possible.


happinessOf course, being naked is something crucial in that lifestyle, but something that hardly ever is said is happiness. For me being nude is not the reason to be nude. It’s to be happy, to feel free and unrestrained by the burden of clothes, straps and elastic bands.

I can imagine how all that emphasis on nude is something that puts dressed people off. After all, it’s not their piece of cake, we’re not trying to convert them (unless I missed a memo about the Church of Nudity, or worshipping the Nude Spaghetti Monster).

For the message to come across I think nudists and naturists should more focus on displaying and telling how happy being nude makes them. How relaxing it is, how free it feels. Those are values that mean something to dressed people, because let’s be honest: how much is there in this modern world that can make a person happy, relaxed and free these days?

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Free the Nipple – Censored in America



Question: What is the legal penalty and fine for a woman walking topless on the streets of New York City?



  • 3 days in jail and $1,000
  • 1 days in jail and $5,000
  • 5 days in jail and $1,500

Answer: It’s a trick question, because, according to statute 245.01 per the Appeals Court of The State/City of New York, it is completely legal for a woman or a man to opt not to wear a shirt (or bra) in public. Of course, a man wearing a bra will get more stares than a woman wearing a bra (thank you, Madonna) and a woman going bare-breasted will draw more stares than a man doing the same, but why? Why is a woman’s nipple so controversial? I decided to tackle this subject with my new film — Free the Nipple.

More, if you want, at Why I Made a Film Called Free the Nipple and Why I’m Being Censored in America.

Being Nude is unrestricted freedom

Clothes are cumbersome. Often it takes a while to find something you like, then it takes time to find the right size, and once you have them, there usually are all kinds of things you have to watch out for so you don’t ruin your precious and often expensive clothes. Or your shape.

tight jeans
Is this comfortable?

Clothes restrict. No matter how you twist or turn it, unless you wear something 2 sizes too large, there will be something that’s tight, blocking the blood flow, presses down on muscles or other fun things like that. And not to think about where clothes often are made, by poor people who work too long for too little, so others can fill their pockets some more.

Clothes also help you to disguise yourself. You buy something expensive and you look expensive, even when you’re not rich enough to be expensive.

Enter nudism.
In the woods

Drop your clothes. Be yourself. Accept and appreciate your body, like nudists and naturists do. It is liberating, and at the same time a statement that you throw off the standards that ‘modern life’ throws upon you. Live your own standards, and do think hard and be honest about that, so you don’t confuse what everyone else thinks with what you really think. Drop your clothes in the safety of your house, your bedroom, with the door locked so no one can see you. And discover who you really are. Try it several times to get used to the idea, the feeling, the sensation and the look of your body. It’s yours, unhindered by clothes. Enjoy the freedom you have in moving around in it.

Just try it.

Running up that hill

I was out for a walk on my vacation, had dropped the textile rather quickly already and then I came upon this large area with a beautiful hill sloping up. I had to…

Running up and down a hill like this is exhilarating and feels like the ultimate freedom. If you can, try it. Even if you can’t run fast or at all, walk up and down.