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I’d love to know what kind of nudist you are…



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25 thoughts on “Nudist poll”

    1. Per:
      nice that there are more and more pages like yours, people should know what nudism / naturism is.

    1. There are a lot more places to go nude now and more people enjoying the freedom and just the sheer joy that you feel without clothing. We’re making progress thank God.

  1. I couldn’t make my response to the question show up.
    My wife and I are nude in the house and back yard. Neighbors adjoining are accustomed to our nudity although choose not to join us nor invite us.

  2. Naturism to me is a wry healthy way of life , one I sadly miss in my life today.
    I live in Australia, Queensland which has a very high ratio of skin cancer and this has had since I have lived here a very adverse effect on beach life ,leave alone naturist activities.
    When as a new migrant to this State there were several naturist clubs but the very concept of naturism was in its infancy and the notion of naturism was not the done thing”the other major impact was my wife flatly decided that it’s concepts were not for her and in turn my involvement in naturism was curtailed due to clubs not accepting single males.
    With children in hand nuity in our lives was not practiced due to what may have come of it if school friends,neighbours found out and to top it off it has always been illegal in this State.
    Queensland has a great climate but is totally against the naked form !

    1. That sounds so sad man i think that I would move. .maybe if you can you should try. .I’ve found in my life that life is too short to put off those things I love for later..sometimes later doesn’t always come. .

  3. I am nude most of the time at home. I usually only get dressed if someone is visiting. If it is warm enough (and it is warm a lot in Texas), I am usually nude outside except in front where people can see from the road. Then I usually just where a towel and shoes. I have 150+ acre ranch to hike and walk around on. I sometimes go to a nudist resort nearby. I hope to someday go to nude beaches, other resorts and cruises.

    1. I am a naturist and the only time that I wear clothes is when I’m around textiles. I live in an apartment with the neighbors close by but I have mountains and a lot of wild and wide open desert country side to explore and enjoy. The only things that I take with me on my hikes is a good supply of sunscreen water bottles and something to munch all carried in a light cloth bag. A hat and good boots are my only other things that I wear. What a truly wonderful experience. Remember where you are and do some research on where you’re going enjoy and be safe.

  4. One of the issues I have with polls such as this are that the given answers tend to be to confining. For example, I am more of a militant nudist and will be nude anytime or anywhere that I think I can get away with it and none of the answer options fit that.

  5. I’ve always been moved to take off my clothes. I enjoy the sight of other naked people, in fact, people to whom I would not be attracted look good to me in nudist venues. I don’t think I’m speaking exclusively of sexual attraction, but I believe that there’s a shift in consciousness when I’m socially nude. Researchers have identified chemical signatures for romance and lust — increased or decreased levels of dopamine, norepinephrine, oxytocin, and serotonin mostly — and probably other states, flow, rage, listening to music, etc. I believe that similar stuff is going on in our heads when we socialize nude, maybe with other chemicals, and I’d like to know what.

    1. I agree. I think there’s a shift in brain chemical levels when socializing nude. i feel a sort of relaxing buzz in the back of my head. It’s very vague and very low level, but definitely there. The incidental skin contact that occurs is also relaxing.

  6. I love the thought of being nude. Have all my life. I’m 56 years old and just wish I could find someone with the same intrest

  7. Lets see….. I’m on the wrong side of 50. I’m nude whenever I’m home. I live in a large city so there’re many opportunities for nude activities: socials, happy hour, drawing groups, yoga, exercise, etc. Of course they’re gone now, thanks to Covid-19.

    I’m lucky in that I have a balcony that allows me to be naked outside when the weather is good.

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