I don’t want my daughter to see you naked

This is the oddest thing I’ve heard in a while. Really. I have temporary neighbours. They are in their late 60s/early 70s and nice people. When they moved in (waiting for their new home to be finished) I warned them that I may wander through my own house not wearing anything.shocked woman For a while nothing seemed to be a problem, until either he or she actually saw me. The next occasion they met me outside he told me, “I don’t want my daughter to see you naked”. Uhm, what? He insisted that this wouldn’t be acceptable because his daughter might have her children with her. Note that his daughter is almost forty and since she has children I am convinced that she’s seen what naked men look like. Of course I don’t want to harm the tender children’s psyche by submitting them to the horror of my naked body but somehow I think that it wouldn’t be the big deal he’s making of it.In the woods  Add to that the fact that his daughter usually visits during the day when I’m either off to work or working at home in my living room (usually naked but far away from the bedroom window). My neighbour is really worrying about something that’s not worth the energy spent on it. Did this ever happen to you?

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7 thoughts on “I don’t want my daughter to see you naked”

  1. We also told all our neighbors upfront we were nudist and that we were nude most of the time indoors and often outdoors in our backyard. We often leave our blinds open. So we have been sighted often with no problems. Not much can be said or done when in your home, out doors is another story.

    1. Here in the Netherlands you can get fined if you’re naked and visible from the outside. But to see me they have to press their face into the window and see through the glass curtains with the light of day behind them. I don’t see a problem…

  2. Perhaps you should suggest to your temporary neighbours that they temporarily close their curtains when their daughter is visiting, and that she stay indoors 😉

    1. Their way of dealing with it was that they will warn their daughter not to come over when I’m at home. This might work the wrong way when it makes her curious…

  3. My wife is not a nudist but doesn’t mind me being one at home. Even though nobody can see me from the street she does have a problem with me being outside as the neighbour’s daughter looks over the wall to call my daughter. I told her that I don’t care and if she sees me then she will stoplooking over the wall. She also told me that when our daughter gets older I must cover up. I’m sorry but that just encourages nudism as sexual. She sees me naked all her life and when she starts puberty I must cover up? That just sends the completely wrong message. It also tells her, when she is at an age of sexual maturity, that being nude is sexual. It’s at that age that so many girls get the wrong impression of what your body should look like and that is when anorexia becomes a problem. It happened to a few girls who I went to school with and one nearly lost her life. Let them see that you don’t need to be on the cover of a magazine to be beautiful. We are all different and unique and that is what makes us beautiful and not what someone I don’t know says I must look like.

    1. Naturism. .why do they feel so threatened by just the idea of social nudity. I seriously doubt that you will ever find a nudist/naturist who is for mandatory..forced nudity. What we want is to be nude wherever and whenever we choose. No one has to be naked and no one has to be forced to wear anything. .

      1. > I seriously doubt that you will ever find a nudist/naturist who is for mandatory..forced nudity

        No, of course not.. that would go against everything that we naturists believe.

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