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This is a blog / site about nudism and the naked life.

There is no splash-screen warning people that this site is about nudism and the joy of being naked as that’s already at the top of every page. Overdoing it is silly.

Notice / Disclaimer:

This website tries to inform the world about life without clothes. There is nothing sexual here, if you’re looking for that please look somewhere else.

The words ‘nudist’ and ‘naturist’ will be used at will here unless specifically pointed out. I’ll be referring to people who prefer to live without clothes as much as they can.

The pictures on this website either belong to me and are copyrighted by me, or they were found on the World Wide Web. If a picture is used in error, please let me know so I can remove it.

7 thoughts on “About zjuzdme.org”

  1. Paul,I found another book to add to your library.Nature Boy,by Mike Herring.It’s about a family living in the mountains.The family lives off the grid so to speak.They live as naturists and eventually the son turns the area into a naturist resort/campground.It’s based on a true story according to the author.It’s a good story nonetheless.
    I just saw where Ted Bun has a new Rags to Riches book coming out Saturday called 40 Shades of Green,where Rags goes to Ireland.I’m looking forward to the story as I’ve been to Ireland before.He also has a book he’s working on called Made for TV where he uses some material from Brian Calow’s Holding Briefs series as the basis for the TV series.I just finished those so that will be neat to read as well.By the way Calow’s four books with naturism as part of the story are,Holding Briefs,Without Prejudice and Duty of Care.The fourth is The Brother’s Head.It uses some of the characters from the trilogy but isn’t directly tied to the other three.

  2. Re reading naked Crow series. I am delighted to see that these characters are alive to you and you are keeping them going…Heinlien kept many of his characters “Alive” through many books and circumstances…and certainly enjoyed keeping them nude and happy. I hope you have many more stories to all of your various characters.

    All the best

  3. Paul,

    In your nice library you already have en entry by author D.H. Jonathan
    Can You add the following titles from the same author?
    – The Girl Who Stopped Wearing Clothes
    – Holiday In The Nudist Colony
    – Bird’s Eye View

    I Don’t know if there is a place for naturist guides in your library. I’m thinking of the naturist guides from Nick and Lins on their website “Naked Wanderings”
    Some of the guides :
    – First Time Nudist : The Complete Guide
    – Naturism in Greece
    – Naturism in Croatia
    – Naturism in Spain
    – Naturism in France
    – Naturism in Thailand
    – Nudisme in California
    – Nudisme in Mexico



    1. Hi Michel
      Thank you for those recommendations. The “Holiday” book is already listed under ‘Various Authors’, it’s one that Dan worked on as well.

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