Places for nude hiking


On this page I’m collecting links to places which are good for nude hiking according to nudists who offered them. I’ll try to keep the countries alphabetic.
Note that I don’t take responsibility for errors and mistakes, I can’t go everywhere to check those places out. If only I could…


Naturlux, an organisation (Dutch/French) who organise nude walks in the Belgian Ardennes.

New Zealand:

Website for a group of independent nudists going bush for a week with simply nothing on. There is plenty of opportunity for tramping/hiking along relatively easy walking tracks. Some pictures available here on Google+.


Casa de cinco hermanos. Casa de cinco Hermanos is a beautifully renovated house surrounded by natural reserves. Here you can have naturist holidays almost all year.


Many links via the hiking page.

Learn more about the options of ‘freehiking’ on the page of Ken Sunwalker.

8 thoughts on “Places for nude hiking”

  1. A few more photos here. (username: scubyw) For the more adventurous, following the Ngatuhoa Stream down to where it joins the Opuaki River and continuing on up that river is quite a challenging activity, including rock-climbs and swimming, but in a beautiful setting of raw natural beauty.

    Appreciate you mentioning Ngatuhoa Naturally and link to my pictures. New Zealand is a good country for nude hiking. Best is to stay away from the busy tracks, or join an organised group.

  2. I can think of a few places in the Canary Islands where long walks in the nude are possible.
    In Fuerteventura, on the very long beaches in Jandia and Corralejo you only need to cover up in front of the beach resorts in your walks along the shore. If you prefer complete solitude, head to Cofete beach on the west coast. 12 km of golden sand and not a single building in sight. You only need to take care of the sun and the wind.
    The tiny island of La Graciosa, north of Lanzarote, is a paradise for nudists. A nature reserve without paved roads, chances to come across any other human being are minimal as soon as you leave the only village . Wonderful beaches are waiting for you at the end of the route.

    1. Ya! I love naked hiking, I ‘m glad I find my own trail on hiking! where I can avoid women, kid, most man discomfort encounter!

  3. I hike nude near the Badlands of South Dakota. The best place I have found is south of the Weta southwest of Kadoka is an old train stop location you can find on most maps. If you go south of this location about 4 miles on BLM land you find secluded areas to hike nude and as a bonus look for Fairburn Agates.

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