British Naturism member boost

(No, I’m not a British Naturism member.)

During the COVID-19 years that now don’t hover over us so loomingly any more, I was pleasantly surprised to read, via many sources, that naturism was getting more attention and followers. Most probably because people were working from, and staying at home much more, and so they understood that clothing could be optional – or even completely discarded. (We all know what our preferred option is.)

Working from home in the buff

The biggest surprise, in that area, was the boost in member numbers for British Naturism.

This made me wonder if the naturist organisations in other countries had seen a similar rise in interest in this lifestyle / way of saving on laundry.

Nude home work

I searched a lot of places online, and to my surprise I didn’t find any evidence about that. How can this be? Because I can’t believe that naturist organisations around the world would keep it a secret if their membership suddenly boomed. In this age of increasing prudishness (or ‘modesty’ as I heard people call it), an increase in the number of naturists and clothes-free folks is a very welcome fact.

I’m convinced that more people than just the British discovered the advantages of being naked around the house when the weather and the windows-situation allows.

If anyone has any more information or insights around this, I’d really like to know. Not because it makes me rich, but I’m simply quite curious about this.

Stay safe, folks. And stay naked!

Social naturist media

I’m curious which ones you use, and especially “Why”?

There are tons of social media out there in internet land. Sometimes it’s as if there’s a new one born every day.

Everyone knows about Twitter, which so far is a reasonably good naturist place. That is: until someone decides your account is bad and reports you to the censor bots. Once your account is slammed shut, good luck in getting it back. (Been there, tried that, opened a new account.)

facebook censorship

In less flattering ways people know of Facebook. It’s a huge, micromanaged universe (Metaverse :p) on its own, where porn and all kinds of nasty things are okay but honest naturism and nudism is banned as soon as it appears. As a naturist I don’t like the place and so I am mostly silent about it there. (Yes, I have an account there, to stay in touch with some family.)


More and more people seem to appear on Mewe, which is a rather safe place for naturists. More and more naturist groups are appearing there – which means that more and more perverts show up there too, under the guise of naturism.

Then we have Diaspora. Diaspora is part of a loose set of privately run servers that are all connected. As long as you mark your naturist posts there with the #NSFW tag, you’re good. There are almost no instances on Diaspora where you get banned for nudity or naturism as long as you follow their rules (which are quite sensible). No company here that dictates what is good and bad and Zuckerberg.


The same thing goes for Mastodon and the Fediverse. Mastodon etc. is another set of servers without a big company running them. It’s a kind of Twitter, that allows all the freedom, again as long as you stick to the #NSFW hashtag and you mark nudity image with a ‘content warning’. There is even a special naturist instance called “” where you can find lots of naturists.

Yes, I know all those places. I have accounts in many places. (If you want to know where, what and how let me know in a comment.)

What do you follow in naturist social media? And what do you get from those? Do you feel good there? Are you more ‘meh’ about them? How satisfied are you about those places and your choices, and do you know better places? Note that I’m referring to social media, not forums about naturism.

Let’s hear it!


Nudity and children

Ohhhh, yes. Touchy topic. I know.

That’s why I pick it.

Children on the beach, by Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida

To kick in an open door: children are the future. I am quite certain that most people will agree with that.

Children, then, are also the future of naturism, nudism, the clothes-free lifestyle, or whatever label you care to slap on it.


We all (almost all?) know that kids prefer to run around naked when they’re young. Of course, there will always be exceptions, like Inuit children, but even on good days I can imagine they want to run around nude in the snow. When there’s no wind, and abundant sunshine, what’s not to like?

I think it’s strange that adults, who probably happily ran around naked when they were kids, are so persistent in trying to prevent children to ‘appear’ in a naturist environment. “Because it will mess them up,” is an expression that I once heard.

The crazy thing about this is, that it’s the adults who are already messed up (by society, norms, religion, culture etc). And it’s so bad with them that they have forgotten (repressed?) the fact that they were nude kids once themselves.

About a month ago, here in town, it was very warm. I had to go get something and crossed the central square, where since a few years a water display has been set up, with jets spouting up in unpredictable places. There was one mother who had stripped her very young daughter down to the skin, and the girl had all the fun in the world running after the jets, trying to guess where the next one came from.

I loved how lots of people laughed at her antics, and no one made any weird comments about decency and shameful behaviour. I also noticed that no one had a phone in hand to take pictures. (Had I seen that, I would have stopped that. It was not their child, after all.)

No, folks. The kids won’t be messed up being naked and among naturists. They’re being messed up by people who got messed up as adults.

The eighth week

At the moment of writing this, I’m in my eighth week of almost total nakedness.


The weather has been amazing here over the past couple of months. Hot even. Yes, also much too dry, which is an unfortunate bonus, but with respect to being clothes-free, it was fantastic.

I only wore the least bit of clothes to go to customers’ sites, to work on location. That wasn’t very often, and my drying laundry is proof of that. Loads of towels, a few pairs of socks and some shirts.

The weather is now turning, colder weather is coming towards us, but there will also be rain. Being naked just about all the time is great, but if the land is parched and nature goes belly-up through that, I’ll gladly put on clothes again if I need to if rain and colder weather comes along.

It’s interesting to see how this balance happens. Naturists like their sunshine and their nude-time. Nature, however, requires the other end of the spectrum as well, simply to properly function as our nude playground.

I’m not sad about the nude period coming to an end soon. That, I think, is a stoic attitude towards things, and a stoic I’ve been. All my life, as far as I can remember.

Morning walk in the nude, fog in background
Morning walk, with fog

I had this wonderful nude time for 2 months, maybe even more (I didn’t mark each day on the calendar) and I will remember it fondly. There will be another time for that, and I can be nude at home whenever I want – as long as the temperature’s right. Mourning the period ending is a waste of time and energy, as that won’t bring it back.

I’ll hang on to the memories and feelings during that time, do what I feel is needed, and look forward to what might / will come.

Have a great day everyone. Make it as clothes-free as you can!


How people react…

…when seeing a nude person.

As I wrote in a previous post, I’ve been exploring routes where I can walk naked. At least partially. Getting there requires being dressed, but the more nude walking time I can get, the better.

Over the last week I ran into a few people. Three, to be precise, and it struck me how different they can react. Don’t get me wrong; none of them made a fuss or had negative comments, but still, their reactions were quite different.

One morning, on a Sunday, I walked along the river. A great spot where I can go nude for 2km.

Along the river

On the way back, I met a lady who was walking her dog. She simply kept walking towards me, said ‘good morning’, and walked on. Seriously, that was the best one of the three.

The second meeting was on a Tuesday morning, quite early, in a spot closer to home. (The river is about 1.6 km / 1 mile walking before I get there.) The trail is something like this:

Fog over the path

Yes, it’s a great spot to walk, lots of trees and narrow tracks to follow, it’s never boring. Near the spot where I had to get dressed again, some 400 metres away, there was a lady walking two dogs. One of the dogs came yapping at me, I yapped back at it and it seemed to like that. The lady yelled at that dog (the other was on a leash) and she stepped to the side, turning her back at me while I passed her. I wished her a good morning, she didn’t reply. Again, no big fuss, but such a difference…

The third encounter was also of the dog kind.

Me on a walk. More fog, indeed.

I was getting closer to the last patch of ‘forest’ when a lady with, again, a dog, emerged from the spot where I had to go for the trail back home. She saw me, made a wide circle around me, keeping her dog close. She wished me a good morning as I said that to her, but she kept a large distance.

Perhaps she was scared that the dog would do something? I don’t know.

Three encounters in one week. All not ‘upset’ (okay, perhaps the second lady was a bit). I think that’s good.

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