It’s not about the body, folks


Nudism and naturism, nude recreation, they’re not about the body, and certainly not the bodies of other people. Many people, certainly the unenlightened ones, will think otherwise. Why else would you hear things like “when you go to a nude beach you see the people you don’t want to see“?

That makes me wonder why such people go to a beach. To stare at others, probably, not to have a relaxing time.

Naturism (for me at least) is about body freedom. The awareness that nearly no body is perfect (mine certainly isn’t) and that you can be happy with that.

We’re not here to be perfect in every way, even when advertising tries to convince us otherwise. They’re wrong and they just try to get into your wallet. After all, unhappy people are more willing to spend money on ‘improving’ themselves than happy people.

Happy people don’t need all that. It basically comes down to “Love the person that looks back at you in the mirror, that’s where it all starts.” (Via twitter, by @AphroditeAfter5)

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

3 thoughts on “It’s not about the body, folks”

  1. Of course it’s about the body. It’s about body acceptance, seeing the real bodies of others, and being seen by others. Otherwise you might as well wear clothes.

    1. Of course it’s about the body. I wanted to make people think. It’s about real people’s bodies, not just the pretty ones. Going to a nude beach etc. to gawk and get your fill of staring and (sexual) pleasure isn’t what naturism is about.
      Thanks for your response!

  2. And when you love the person in the mirror, you see his/her beauty. Then you can begin to see the real beauty in others, whatever their body type, because it is not the physical features that hold your interest, but rather the soul, as revealed in words, eyes, stance, and those 1,001 tiny body-language cues you begin to see when you look without shame or lust to possess.

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