The nipple. It should be free.


The idiocy doesn’t stop bothering me. What is so wrong with the female nipple or breast that they can’t be shown in public? The folks who claim a breast is erotic got it all wrong. Breasts have existed since long. Did cavemen think breasts erotic? I doubt that. Women had them to suckle babies. And guess what – some still do that! Difference now is of course that grown men are appalled by the sight of a naked breast (unless it is in a porn movie they will never admit to having seen).

As Live Life Naked on Twitter stated so well:

Breastfeeding in public is not indecent. It’s a mother feeding her child. End of discussion.

Freeing the nipple

(image courtesy of Twitter)


We all have heard of #FreeTheNipple, I am sure. I can’t wrap my head around the weird minds who think that a male chest is any better than a female chest. And to make it worse, it’s often the “christian” fanatics who go on about that. (I’m not a christian, in case you still wonder.) Their god apparently made man after his own image. If this image is restricted to ‘the man’, the male of the two genders, then something is wrong in that image, because there are two genders. That god should have been more careful and should not have created women. Which would of course imply that all men would be gay and procreation would be at least very interesting, which is another item in christianity. But I digress.

This blog-post appears because I support Free the nipple. We’re all people, we all have a body and we all should be allowed to show it. No nipple should be left behind fabric.

If you want to learn more, visit the Free the Nipple website.

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