6 thoughts on “Sunday Noon Nudist”

  1. Thanks for this post. I am glad to see that NY has made #freethenipple #Top-free legal for women. I want to see bare chests for women legalized everywhere in USA. The bare chest and nipples is not lewd. Men have been bare chested with their chests and nipples on display since I was born. I support #freethenipple #top-free for women. And breastfeeding in public should not be hidden. It is how babies get mother’s milk. That is why God created women with breasts and nipples for their children to suckle from. Thanks, Paul!

  2. superbe photo on a l’impression que la jeune fille est en harmonie totale avec la fresque du camion trop fort !

  3. There was a time when men could not be uncovered above the waist in public either. Now it’s normal and acceptable even in ads and on TV shows. Male athletes and dancers are often bare from the waist up. Both sexes should be allowed the same freedoms.

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