Freeing the nipple

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We all have heard of #FreeTheNipple, I am sure. I can’t wrap my head around the weird minds who think that a male chest is any better than a female chest. And to make it worse, it’s often the “christian” fanatics who go on about that. (I’m not a christian, in case you still wonder.) Their god apparently made man after his own image. If this image is restricted to ‘the man’, the male of the two genders, then something is wrong in that image, because there are two genders. That god should have been more careful and should not have created women. Which would of course imply that all men would be gay and procreation would be at least very interesting, which is another item in christianity. But I digress.

This blog-post appears because I support Free the nipple. We’re all people, we all have a body and we all should be allowed to show it. No nipple should be left behind fabric.

If you want to learn more, visit the Free the Nipple website.

Our pornographic society

Yes, that’s what we’re living in: a pornographic society. So many things are permeated with sex or sexual innuendo, and everything (for me at least) points back to the incredible amount of sexual and/or pornographic implications everywhere around us. Look at advertising. The basic idea that ‘sex sells’ is still there. It gets worse even, I think.

Look at music videos or car ads.

How many of them show people (mainly women, as they’re the prime exploits in there) in half-dressed or even less situations to entice the viewer to keep watching?
I think that it is stuff like that which makes life so very difficult for people who just want to be naked without a fuss.


Women these days can get raped simply ‘because of what they’re wearing’. Again there is the influence of the overly sexualised society, the videos and the pictures that put women in a wrong light. As prey to be hunted and conquered. Because of that, woman will also be attacked when they wear nothing – because that’s seen even more as an open invitation to be groped, raped and so horribly forth.

I really worry about our society in that light. Something has to happen, and it has to happen fast. Otherwise things go out of control (I hope we’re not there yet). Nudism could be an answer to all this misconception and brutality towards women. Women should not be the victims of the horrible things that men (yes, it’s mostly men although not all women are without blame, I’m sure) have gotten in their heads. Nudism is clean. It has nothing to do with pornography, sexual exploitation and all those other things that modern society bestows upon us. I hope that nudism is the answer. That and common sense.

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