Freeing the nipple

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We all have heard of #FreeTheNipple, I am sure. I can’t wrap my head around the weird minds who think that a male chest is any better than a female chest. And to make it worse, it’s often the “christian” fanatics who go on about that. (I’m not a christian, in case you still wonder.) Their god apparently made man after his own image. If this image is restricted to ‘the man’, the male of the two genders, then something is wrong in that image, because there are two genders. That god should have been more careful and should not have created women. Which would of course imply that all men would be gay and procreation would be at least very interesting, which is another item in christianity. But I digress.

This blog-post appears because I support Free the nipple. We’re all people, we all have a body and we all should be allowed to show it. No nipple should be left behind fabric.

If you want to learn more, visit the Free the Nipple website.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “Freeing the nipple”

  1. Paul, Thanks for posting this. I respect you and your viewpoint on Free the Nipple. You say you are not Christian and that is OK with me. I am a Christian and I also support Free the Nipple. There is a debate now going on about women breastfeeding their babies in public. There is legislation to try to stop public breastfeeding altogether in the US but from my viewpoint I would not be offended to see public breastfeeding. It is a loving and beautiful thing to see the baby suckling at the mother’s breast. I see nothing wrong with it. I simply believe the uncovered breasts of men and women in public should be allowed without fear of offending others. We are all born with nipples so why make a big issue of covering female nipples and breasts?

      1. I agree. Many thousands of generations made it through the baby-stage before there were bottles. I doubt that anyone ever died from watching a baby being nursed.

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