Being Nude is unrestricted freedom

Clothes are cumbersome. Often it takes a while to find something you like, then it takes time to find the right size, and once you have them, there usually are all kinds of things you have to watch out for so you don’t ruin your precious and often expensive clothes. Or your shape.

tight jeans
Is this comfortable?

Clothes restrict. No matter how you twist or turn it, unless you wear something 2 sizes too large, there will be something that’s tight, blocking the blood flow, presses down on muscles or other fun things like that. And not to think about where clothes often are made, by poor people who work too long for too little, so others can fill their pockets some more.

Clothes also help you to disguise yourself. You buy something expensive and you look expensive, even when you’re not rich enough to be expensive.

Enter nudism.
In the woods

Drop your clothes. Be yourself. Accept and appreciate your body, like nudists and naturists do. It is liberating, and at the same time a statement that you throw off the standards that ‘modern life’ throws upon you. Live your own standards, and do think hard and be honest about that, so you don’t confuse what everyone else thinks with what you really think. Drop your clothes in the safety of your house, your bedroom, with the door locked so no one can see you. And discover who you really are. Try it several times to get used to the idea, the feeling, the sensation and the look of your body. It’s yours, unhindered by clothes. Enjoy the freedom you have in moving around in it.

Just try it.

Verzet tegen sluiting naaktstrand Delftse Hout

Via Reformatorisch Dagblad :

Verzet tegen sluiting naaktstrand Delftse Hout

28-06-2013 19:18 | Redactie regio

De sluiting van het naaktstrand in het natuur- en recreatiegebied de Delftse Hout in Delft is tegen het zere been van de Naturisten Federatie Nederland (NFN).

De NFN heeft deze week een voorlopige voorziening bij de Haagse rechtbank aangevraagd. Die aanvraag heeft tot doel sluiting van het naakstrand door de gemeente van tafel te krijgen, stelde NFN-directeur H. J. Kamerbeek vrijdag desgevraagd.

Reden dat de gemeente Delft het naaktstrand sluit, is dat er „op deze locatie de afgelopen jaren een duidelijke toename van strafbare feiten, aangiften en overlast geconstateerd is op het gebied van schennisplegingen en dan met name van zogenaamde herenontmoetingen”, meldde het college van burgemeester en wethouders in een recente brief aan de gemeenteraad, daarmee doelend op contacten tussen homoseksuelen.

„Geconstateerd is dat het naaktstrand steeds drukker bezocht wordt door mannen met andere bedoelingen dan naakt recreëren. Er worden met grote regelmaat ‘cruisende’ en daadwerkelijke seksuele handelingen verrichtende mannen gesignaleerd en aangehouden.” Overwogen is om stekelplanten te plaatsen om mannen te weren.

Het college wijst erop dat het naakstrand „heel open en toegankelijk” ligt en omsloten wordt door strandgebieden waar mensen wel strandkleding dragen.

„Er zijn het afgelopen jaar meerdere meldingen binnen gekomen van mensen (en kinderen) die ongewild geconfronteerd zijn met mannen die ‘met elkaar bezig’ waren.”

Diverse maatregelen, zoals het snoeien van de bosjes en extra inzet van toezicht en handhaving, hebben „niet tot een afname van activiteiten” geleid, aldus het college in de brief.

De gemeenteraad heeft recent over het naakstrand vergaderd en sloot zich in meerderheid aan bij het besluit van het college, zo stelde een woordvoerder van de gemeente Delft gisteren desgevraagd. Wel wil de raad dat het college alternatieve locaties onderzoekt.

De NFN, die ook een bezwaarschrift bij de gemeente indiende, stelt dat het best meevalt met de overlast. De NFN vindt de sluiting van het strand „veel te rigoureus en te drastisch”, zo meldt de naturistenorganisatie in een gisteren verstuurd persbericht. „Het is voor de NFN onverteerbaar dat deze maatregel alle bezoekers van het naaktstrand treft. Voor zover er al sprake is van overlast, dan gebeurt dit op een klein gedeelte van het naaktstrand en vooral buiten reguliere stranduren.” De NFN roept „alle naaktrecreanten die in de Delftse Hout worden weggestuurd of bekeurd op om ons daarover direct in kennis te stellen, zodat we tegen onterechte bekeuringen en verwijderingen in het geweer kunnen komen.”

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Nudism in the USA

After a post on nudism in Sweden I feel compelled to do one on nudism in the United States. Yes, in the US it’s also big, even when many people don’t believe that.

Nude beach, USA

Like in Europe, nudism in the USA is not new. Looking at the website of the AANR, we see that this organisation was founded long ago:

AANR logo

American Association for Nude Recreation

The credible voice of reason for nude recreation since 1931


This website gives you a lot of information on nudism, the why, the benefits and also a lot of where-to-go.

Nude recreation helps your body relax faster. When your clothes come off, so do many of the cues holding you to the work-a-day world. Clothes are restricting, inhibiting. Drop them and you feel free in a way no other way can do for you. It also brings about a sense of equality, because can you tell if this gentleman is a bus driver or a bank manager? Or if the lady next to him is a house-wife or the leader of a big corporation?

Nudism makes labels disappear

DailyMotion features a number of very good videos on US Nudism. Click the picture to see a half-hour informational documentary from the UK:

Camp Como, in Florida.

Try nudism for a change. There’s nothing to be scared of. It’s natural, it’s fun and it’s liberating.

Tips for nudists in cold places

Yes, that’s one big problem if you want to go outside.

Something like this looks pretty and feels amazing – but not for too long. A wool hat and mittens aren’t the thing to keep you going outside for a while either when there’s a lot of snow around and the temperatures are far below your physical comfort zone for months on end.

Cold rains in autumn can also ruin your nude fun outside.


The solution for nudist in these areas (where I live too) lies in several options.

Home nudism. Stay home, crank up the temperature and drop your clothes. Make the best of it. When you know people who are nudists too, invite them over and hang out nude together for a while. Of course, having the sun and some warm wind on your skin is better, but lacking sun and wind you make do with what’s available.



Sauna. Many saunas are bathing-suit free, they are good places to live the nude life, if only for a while. And they are very relaxing too!



Take a vacation to warmer areas. Of course this is a more expensive option, but it is one and it gets the nudism job done.



Some swimming pools, hotels and recreational parks offer indoor nudism options, it’s always worth to check those out.


As a last option I’d know of you can wait for a nice winter’s day and find a secluded spot outside, in the sun, and get a bit of nude time that way. It’s up to you if you want to take the risk (and the possible chill) though, it’s not legal in most places.

“The Naturist’s Lens” has written about this too, check out his post on it.

3 kilometres is not the world

I just returned from my first naked bike ride.

A proper naked bike ride.

As the title says it was not the world – unfortunately I could not make it to the official World Naked Bike Ride event in Amsterdam today. However, with the weather a bit cool, a chance of rain and the urge to really ride a bike naked I went out, loosely dressed, to a spot where I suspected no people. (I don’t need trouble, I don’t want to upset folks.) At the spot I took off my stuff and got on the bike. Well, lucky me met a runner who was coming my way. Before I could decide if I should put my stuff on again he was next to me and past me so that solved itself. After less than a kilometre it started to rain lightly. It felt wonderful. Not cold at all, contrary to how it would feel in textile. I rode along, turned left and right a few times and then retraced my route to where I had started. At that point I had to put my clothes on again, and what horror that was. It felt far too warm, the rain suddenly became annoying (even when it did not rain any harder), and it also felt as if the wind pushed harder against me than when I was naked.

First thing upon coming home was getting rid of the clothes, which made me feel a lot better. However the feeling of them, I’m glad I went out and did these 3km on the bike. It wasn’t far, it wasn’t dashing, but – they’re done.

The Naked Woman Within Screaming To Get Out – The Nook


The Naked Woman Within Screaming To Get Out

As a female nudist I wonder why it is in a world where we have fought throughout the years for equality that there are not more female nudists? Some women have fought for our rights to bare our breasts in public just as our male counterparts do and won the fight, however we don’t go out in public bare breasted. WHY?

So after a great deal of communication with women I thought it best to put these issues in writing. Now please do not shoot the messenger. My only objective here is to create a more comfortable and understanding message to let the ladies know that it is ok to be nude.

Read the entire post at The Nook.

Naked unless someone is offended.

Original post at The Nook – by Richard Foley:

Many people, in the clamour to be seen to be politically correct, seem to believe in the principle that you should not do something if somebody will be upset by it. Being naked in a public space, for instance. While at first sight, this might sound a most honorable viewpoint, I’m not sure people have thought it through entirely.

For instance, would you be happy to join a WNBR, where nudity IS accepted, and then during the course of the ride if some one person was upset at seeing naked people, you would immediately get dressed?

If so, this seems to me to be the very problem with society today (and maybe forever). If we only ever accept a situation on the basis that nobody (pun intended) will ever be upset, then we should bring back racial segregation because somebody is upset that there are blacks on their side of the street. We should also deny women the vote because someone might be upset, (at least half the population of Appenzell in Switzerland), that women should have any say in the running of the country. We should make gay people illegal (wtf! eh?) because somebody doesn’t like gay people, or is upset by the idea of somebody being gay, or is “offended” by the very thought. Etc. etc. etc.

As Bertrand Russell famously said in a letter to The Times: “In a democracy it is necessary that people should learn to endure having their sentiments outraged …”

True then, true today!