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You may have heard of it before; people who driving along all over the place without wearing clothes. True nudists will perhaps know how it feels or know someone who’s done it (and/or still does). Last year I posted about this already, it’s time for another one.

Driving nakedDriving naked. If you’ve never done it you have no idea how liberating it is. Some things to keep in mind and know (and this is from experience):

  • Have a towel. Because you sweat, and once that gets into the chair’s fabric that’s not going to smell nice after a while.
  • Relax. Driving is something that requires attention, getting uptight and nervous about being naked isn’t safe.
  • Don’t worry about being seen. If you worry about that, don’t drive naked. The thing is that just about all people won’t look at you, they’re occupied with traffic, their phone, themselves, whatever.
  • Don’t think that others expect you to be naked in your car. The others usually are non-nudists and it won’t even cross their mind that someone would do that.
  • If someone sees you, act naturally. After all, you’re all natural when you’re naked. You can ignore them if they try to attract attention or just look at them once and ignore them then. Giving them a lot of attention makes them pay less attention to the road (and you too). You’re naked because YOU want that, not for others to see you. Being behind windows brings the chance to be seen but it’s very small. I drove home naked 6 times in 2 weeks, each trip being over 130km / 80 miles and I’m convinced that no one saw me.


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8 thoughts on “On driving naked”

  1. I drive nude fairly often. I keep a towel under me just like if I was at a resort. I cover when there are passing lanes and cars going by me. Still beats wearing clothes. I don’t typically drive nude around town, but will be nude with a towel over me through town or towns on. Rainy day and after dark are the best, in my opinion. Limits other drivers visibility to see you. Warm summer night drives on country roads with the windows down and the sun roof open are amazing. Just always be sure to abide by the driving laws to mitigate the potential hazard of getting pulled over.

    1. Absolutely true: stick to the law and be careful on the road. That’s the best way, always. Keep enjoying your naked drives; I do them and love the freedom. 🙂

  2. I have driven hundreds of miles in the nude. One time, I got my car ready and loaded for a trip the night before. Since I was already nude at home the next morning, I just filled up my coffee pot, threw in some snacks, walked out to my car (early and still dark) and drove nearly 500 miles totally nude. The only time I stopped was to get gas, which was twice (good mileage). I drove up to the station (big ones near the freeway), put on my shorts and a tee shirt. Since I had my own food and drinks with me, I had no need to buy anything else. I figured the total time I was “dressed” for the entire trip was about 20-25 minutes. Quickly get out, gas up the car (using card at pump) and get in, pull of clothing by the time I’m back on the road. Did the same coming home from that trip.

    Driven nude at night a lot too. I think I put in well over 3000 miles nude in my life time, maybe more.

    1. That sounds fantastic. I’ve done more and more naked miles since I discovered how relaxing it is and I plan on keeping it up. 🙂

      1. Indeed. My bladder is still in a good shape; I don’t need to pee every hour. 😉
        For that case there is the option of stopping at a gas station, put on clothes and leave the car.

  3. In the Summer, I frequently take long naked drives in my Jeep through the beautiful countryside and mountains of Pennsylvania. Most of my drives are about 150 miles. Naturally, I have shorts to pull on in an emergency, but on the country roads and mountain roads, it just simply has not been an issue.

    I have even driven my Jeep naked to Gunnison Beach, a 228 mile round trip. The drive on the interstates to the beach require more caution and awareness, but they have not been a problem.

    The warm breeze is great!

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