Naked sports.

Everyone does it once in a while, more or less fanatical. Sports. Whether it’s just a walk, running, cycling, volleyball or some other type of activity, there usually is something in it for you.

Many times I’ve heard and read that people, even ‘hard code nudists’, prefer to do their sports dressed when the activity level goes anything over a leisurely stroll or hike. As it’s mainly men who appear online in the nudist scene, I can only base my information on the male side of the nude sport spectrum. (Which is a shame, so please, ladies, step up.)

The problem: flopping parts. The gentlemen in question all were afraid that if they would do a sport that is more intensive than walking or swimming, their penis would flop all over and be a hinder to doing the actual sport.

To put the problem to the test, I went running for a mile. (Don’t worry, I do this more often.) And of course, I did this short run naked. I was curious about the flopping parts that were mentioned quite often, so I was determined to find out how bad this was.

After all, in many places it is written that the people in the original Greek Olympics participated in the nude, to honour the human body, and we have images to prove it:



So off I set myself, for a short run in the name of amateur science. The result: yes, there is some floppage, but not in a way that it would stop me from running naked. I am convinced that if I hadn’t occasionally looked down to actually see my penis flop, I wouldn’t have known that it did. Before someone says that running on a straight, flat road may do that: I ran a stretch of forest, with the trail going up and down, and lots of twists and turns in it. Maximum opportunity for sprained ankles, encounters with trees and floppy parts. I state that my parts did not flop in an upsetting way.

The gentlemen on the left in this picture also don’t seem to be bothered by anything flopping, and their activity level has far more opportunity for that.

It is indeed an older image; perhaps men in those days were still real men.





Luckily, once in a while, there are also ladies who are not inhibited by floppy parts, and trust me, gentlemen, even though I don’t have breasts, I can absolutely imagine that those hurt a heck of a lot more when they bounce than our parts will ever do.

Happy sports, everyone!

Nude recreation in the Netherlands

Delft.Probably all naturists and nudists in the Netherlands know about it. A while ago the city council of Delft close the local nude beach because of ‘too much sexual harassment’ as reported by people. Since then persistent nudists are fined time and again because they don’t give up on ‘their’ beach. Yesterday in an article in a leading Dutch newpaper: Herman van der Helm, who frequents the (prior) nude beach and co-founder of the naturist swimming association: “This week I already was fined 5 times, 3 of which in one day”.

Nude beach closed

The article mentions that the police received many positive reactions of clothed people:

According to the city of Delft did the police receive many positive reactions. ‘Clothed people praise the way the police handles this,’ says a spokesperson of the city.

This can hardly be seen as proof. No one mentions any numbers. Say there are 25 nudists who complain about losing their beach and there are 3 ‘positive reactions’ then the balance is entirely off.

The Dutch Nudist Foundation NFN keeps a watchful eye on the happenings in Delft.

Dutch law regarding nude recreation

Hello nudists,

In a Dutch town there was an action against discarding the local nude beach. (Report in Dutch here.)

A most interesting part in this article is: Strafwet. De strafwet staat bloot recreëren overal toe, zolang anderen zich daar niet aan storen.”

Criminal Law. Criminal law allows nude recreation everywhere, as long as others don’t take offence.

Now that’s something I didn’t know. Basically this says you’re allowed to go nude anywhere as long as you’re not bothering others. Quite cool!

This webpage for a Dutch naturist area (in Dutch of course) explains that the law article where this is detailed is number 430a. Most important part: “Het wetsartikel 430a maakte naaktrecreatie dus mogelijk op alle plaatsen die voor ongeklede recreatie geschikt zijn. In het algemeen zijn dit plaatsen waar geen openbaar verkeer langs komt.”


Law article 430a therefore enables nude recreation in all places that are suited for clothes-free recreation. In general these are places where no public traffic passes by.

(Public traffic here needs to be seen also as pedestrians and cyclists of course, not just cars.)

Another website (maintained by a lawyer), “Strict in criminal law” (Scherp in strafrecht) states: “Of een plaats voor naaktrecreatie geschikt is, wordt bepaald door plaatselijke omstandigheden en de redelijkheid.”

Whether or not an area is suitable for nude recreation is decided by the local circumstances and reason.

Which makes sense of course. With public awareness that nude recreation is more and more common, there would nothing against finding a silent/secluded spot in a forest and drop all clothes there for a while. Doing so in the middle of a town will certainly be frowned up (and that would be the least), so with these things in mind, the possibilities for nude recreation in the Netherlands become quite a lot more extensive.

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