Nude recreation in the Netherlands

Delft.Probably all naturists and nudists in the Netherlands know about it. A while ago the city council of Delft close the local nude beach because of ‘too much sexual harassment’ as reported by people. Since then persistent nudists are fined time and again because they don’t give up on ‘their’ beach. Yesterday in an article in a leading Dutch newpaper: Herman van der Helm, who frequents the (prior) nude beach and co-founder of the naturist swimming association: “This week I already was fined 5 times, 3 of which in one day”.

Nude beach closed

The article mentions that the police received many positive reactions of clothed people:

According to the city of Delft did the police receive many positive reactions. ‘Clothed people praise the way the police handles this,’ says a spokesperson of the city.

This can hardly be seen as proof. No one mentions any numbers. Say there are 25 nudists who complain about losing their beach and there are 3 ‘positive reactions’ then the balance is entirely off.

The Dutch Nudist Foundation NFN keeps a watchful eye on the happenings in Delft.

Author: Paul

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2 thoughts on “Nude recreation in the Netherlands”

  1. It looks like there are too many police officers in Holland. Or they go for the easy picking. I’m sure there are a lot more crimes committed by clothed people. They should focus on that a lot more. Perhaps the nudist should dress up in their best attire (nude) and protest against that kind crime.

    1. Someone actually called out for that. If 200 nudists go to city hall and voice their protest, that should make an impact. And yes, the police there are doing the easy thing instead of going after criminals.

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