Nude 24/7

Question to you, fellow nudists and naturists: would you like to be nude 24/7? All the time? Everywhere? I assume the answer is yes. That didn’t surprise me.

I know there are people who can actually do that. Somewhere online I saw a video on where they talked to a man who works in a nudist resort in Florida. He hadn’t been in clothes for over 3 months. In such an environment that’s possible. But let’s face it, most people aren’t that lucky. We’re not all in California or Egypt or Mexico where it’s almost always warm and nice. Most people require a form of clothing just to keep warm because the environment is too unfriendly to nudists. Our spring weather in the first 2 weeks of May averaged 12c / 53F and we had a lot of rain. Not the weather to go around naked, even if you want to.



So grab your chance when it presents itself!


Naturisme in Nederland

naturismNaturisme is een levenswijze in harmonie met de natuur. Het wordt gekenmerkt door gemeenschappelijke naaktheid, die als doel heeft het bevorderen van zelfrespect, respect voor de medemens en eerbied voor natuur en milieu.

Dit is de moderne definitie van naturisme. Naturisme in Nederland; waneer begon het? Naturisme en nudisme is niet iets van de laatste tien jaar. Het begon al in de vroege dertiger jaren van de vorige eeuw. Het was een gevolg van de naturistische beweging in Duitsland wat naar het schijnt de grondlegger is van het moderne naturisme.

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Barechested life for everyone

Lately there’s been a lot of commotion about women’s breasts in the United States.

The New York Times published about orders to the police that they should not go after women who bare their breasts. After that, PolicyMic posted about this as well:

topless, women, in, public, not, breaking, the, law,, says, nypd,
Topless Women in Public Not Breaking the Law Says NYPD

Ladies of New York , you are free to walk bare-breasted through the city! New York City’s 34,000 police officers have been instructed that, should they encounter a woman in public who is shirtless but obeying the law, they should not arrest her. This is a good step towards gender parity in public spaces.

This decision means that breast exposure is not considered public lewdness, indecent exposure, or disorderly conduct. It also notes that, should a crowd form around a topless woman, the officer should instruct the crowd to disperse and then respond appropriately if it does not. Relative coverage is no longer a factor.

It keeps surprising me that any country that wants to be seen as liberal is still making such a fuss about public nudity. After all, it’s not just the US of A, but just about every country in the world that goes against such things. And why? Because there’s something visible on a woman that’s just not so pronounced on a man.




When seen on the inside, everyone looks about the same in the chest area. We have to, we’re all human!






It’s just the added value of the female breast that makes things bad?

(If you have to think about the added value then you have no idea how many babies are raised.)


I hope that soon the day will be there that everyone can walk around the way they like and that humanity as a whole, advanced and intelligent as it now is, has gained some proper insight on personal freedom, a value that seems in decline since quite a while.

Be happy, be nude when you like, be healthy.

Nude walk Germany Friday 12 July 2013

I went for a check-out of a spot in Germany I had discovered via some browsing. The place turned out easy to reach and most important: as good as deserted!

 photo IMG_20130712_191008_zps30e7bfcf.jpgThis is the main trail that I followed most of the time. The total walk I did was 9.75km or 6 miles and I didn’t see anyone during that time.
 photo IMG_20130712_192232_zps88217b02.jpgThis is a stretch along a wider path. I discovered that this trail almost runs parallel to the Dutch border, which made me grin!
 photo IMG_20130712_193610_zps70e4b680.jpgIn the distance is a lake and that is in the Netherlands!

My walking gear.

 photo IMG_20130712_193748_zps184e6cfc.jpgSee, there even was a little bit of sun!

Discrimination against the male body?

A little while ago I wrote a blog post about clothes and not wearing any. In that post I inserted a small nudist image of myself that I took on my vacation in England. I stored that image on, a place that usually is quite good about storing images with undressed people. However, when I looked at the blog post a day later, the image was gone. It was replaced by a placeholder stating that the image was removed as it offended against Photobucket’s regulations and national laws.

The offending image in question is this one (original size too):

Deleted by Photobucket.

(obviously no longer hosted on Photobucket)

As you see, there’s nothing explicit or offending in it (at least, I think so). The interesting bit is that Photobucket doesn’t have any qualms about hosting a picture that shows a woman with full frontal nudity:

Nudist surfer photo nudist001_zps0d7f2986.jpg

(Image linked directly from Photobucket, same image, original size as well.)

Is it really so horrible and offending to look at a nude man that ‘national law’ makes them take down that picture? Or is this more something that Photobucket themselves enforce without being honest about it? I can imagine that there are more men working there than women, and most of them probably aren’t nudist or naturist, nor understanding of that. Am I wrong in assuming that they’d rather see a naked woman than a naked man, just because the emphasis is on ‘naked’? Probably not.

My picture does not show child-porn, it’s not explicit in any sexual way. I’m simply leaning on a wall and look out over the area. And I’m wearing no clothes. In the other picture a woman is walking over a beach and carries a surf board. And she is wearing no clothes.

I dare state that accepted nudity would eliminate this discriminatory problem. After all, nude is nude, regardless if it concerns a man or a woman. As long as nudity is considered something to be secretive about, the general public will never be educated and nudism will never become a normal (accepted) thing.

This is probably better for Photobucket.

It’s too bad that the definition of norms always rests with a majority. After all, a majority can mean that all the fools are on one side…

Naakt zijn is ongehinderde vrijheid

Kleren zijn gewoon lastig. Vaak duurt het lang voor je iets vindt dat je aanstaat, dan moet je zoeken naar de juiste maat, en als dat allemaal gedaan is moet je op vanalles en nog wat letten zodat je je mooie dure nieuwe kleren niet verknoeit. En dan moet je ook nog oppassen dat je ze kunt blijven dragen.

Strakke jeans
Is dit makkelijk?

Kleren zijn beperkend. Hoe je het ook draait of keer, tenzij je iets draagt dat 2 maten te groot is zal er altijd iets strak zitten, de bloedstroom afknijpen, op een paar spieren drukken of andere leuke dingen. Om nog maar niet te denken aan de omstandigheden waaronder veel van die kleding wordt gemaakt, door mensen die te lang en hard moeten werken voor te weinig beloning, zodat anderen hun zakken nog wat meer kunnen vullen.

Kleren helpen ook om jezelf te verstoppen. Koop iets duurs en je ziet er duur uit, ook al ben je niet rijk genoeg om rijk te zijn.

Kijk eens naar nudisme.

In the woods

Gooi die kleren eens uit. Wees jezelf. Accepteer en waardeer je lichaam zoals nudisten en naturisten doen. Het is bevrijdend, en tegelijk een statement dat je de standaarden weggooit die de moderne maatschappij op je drukt. Leef naar je eigen standaarden. Denk er eens serieus over, en wees eerlijk. Verwar je dat wat iedereen denkt niet met wat jij zelf denkt? Stap uit je kleren in de veiligheid van je eigen woning, in je slaapkamer, met de deur op slot zodat niemand je ziet. Ontdek wie je echt bent. Probeer het verschillende keren, om aan het idee en het gevoel te wennen, de sensatie en het zien van je eigen lijf. Het is van jou, ongehinderd door kleding. Proef de vrijheid waarmee je je opeens kunt bewegen.

Probeer het maar eens.

Being Nude is unrestricted freedom

Clothes are cumbersome. Often it takes a while to find something you like, then it takes time to find the right size, and once you have them, there usually are all kinds of things you have to watch out for so you don’t ruin your precious and often expensive clothes. Or your shape.

tight jeans
Is this comfortable?

Clothes restrict. No matter how you twist or turn it, unless you wear something 2 sizes too large, there will be something that’s tight, blocking the blood flow, presses down on muscles or other fun things like that. And not to think about where clothes often are made, by poor people who work too long for too little, so others can fill their pockets some more.

Clothes also help you to disguise yourself. You buy something expensive and you look expensive, even when you’re not rich enough to be expensive.

Enter nudism.
In the woods

Drop your clothes. Be yourself. Accept and appreciate your body, like nudists and naturists do. It is liberating, and at the same time a statement that you throw off the standards that ‘modern life’ throws upon you. Live your own standards, and do think hard and be honest about that, so you don’t confuse what everyone else thinks with what you really think. Drop your clothes in the safety of your house, your bedroom, with the door locked so no one can see you. And discover who you really are. Try it several times to get used to the idea, the feeling, the sensation and the look of your body. It’s yours, unhindered by clothes. Enjoy the freedom you have in moving around in it.

Just try it.

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