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You may have understood that I like to be naked. I also like to take walks. What better way to enjoy both together than taking nude walks? Yesterday the weather was amazing (compared to the drizzle of today) and I grabbed the opportunity to go out. I have never walked there before so I had to be kind of cautious – don’t want to upset the textile side of life when I can avoid that…

Here’s are two videos I made while I was out and about. I hope they’re not too long and boring.

The first time outside.

How did your first time outside happen? Outside in the nude, I mean by that. Nude by your own plan, simply because you wanted to do it? Did you plan it? Were you alone or in a group?

For me it’s quite a while ago, 25 years at least. I’m not even entirely certain any more. I had planned to go out on the bicycle to take some pictures as it was a wonderful summer’s day.

summerI’ve always loved taking pictures so that wasn’t something unusual. Far behind a few remote farms I came upon a great field with grass and flowers, and after taking some shots around there the thought hit me. I’d been naked inside, alone, in safety before quite often but I had never dared to go outside and undress.

The day called for it, there was no one around and that’s when I decided to go for it. As I said, I don’t remember when it was but I do remember my heart pounding as I started taking off my clothes. This was baring it all in nature. Partially I feared being seen (really) and partially I was going through a rush of excitement, anxiousness, you name the emotion because I don’t know the proper word for everything that went through me. The first minutes were definitely uncomfortable. Not because I was naked but I didn’t feel at ease with being naked out there. First times are often scary.

Walk in Germany
Forest walk in Germany


Since then I’ve enjoyed the naked outside very often, alone or in the company of nice people at resorts, naturist hotels and nude beaches, and I won’t go back to the dressed life in that respect. I’m really curious how you experienced your ‘first time’. Leave a comment if you feel so inclined or perhaps drop me an email if you think that’s easier/less public.

Chronically Clothed: Thoughts on Nudity | The State Times

On Chronically Clothed: Thoughts on Nudity | The State Times. I found this text:

Last year, my cousin posted a link to an article about World Naked Gardening Day, an event celebrated by many horticulturists the first Saturday of every May. The idea behind the event is to tend to your crops and flowers in as raw a state as they are: completely unclothed. My first reaction was pure excitement, followed by extreme disappointment. Sure, I would love to step into my backyard, dig in the dirt and help something grow exactly as I am, but what would the consequences be? What would my family think? My neighbors? Would I be breaking the law?

Laws on nudity fit into Joel Feinberg’s offense theory. This theory states that in order for something to be outlawed, the action doesn’t need to be intrinsically harmful to another, it only has to produce an unpleasant feeling for others (e.g. shame, disgust, anxiety.) So what is it about nudity that makes people feel so shameful and anxious?

I believe one of the main reasons for these negative feelings is our tendency to equate nudity to sexuality. Because we have been conditioned to think of bathing and sex as the only acceptable times to be undressed, we are chronically clothed: it is even expected that while alone you have something on.  Reasons such as hygiene and protection from the environment do not need to be answered by law, but rather by common sense. Only we have a say in whether or not we put on a coat while it’s snowing, so why should a shirt have it’s own law? As for people going fully nude in public places, nudist colonies have already established common etiquette to keep everyone healthy, happy and clean.

I believe that nudity has the potential to facilitate better attitudes on body image and sex.  Outlawing your natural form in public causes people to be ashamed of their bodies, and in turn perpetuates the cycle of sexual confusion and shame. People ogling at the naked body does not spur from nudity, but from a puritanical school of thought that demonizes the very essence of what it means to be human.

As a fashion design major and apparel business owner, I am as big a clothing lover as they come. However, my interest in fashion is how it supplements a person physically and artistically, not in how it covers something that is supposedly short of perfect. The change would demand a huge psychological shift in seeing nudity as commonplace, and not a form of forbidden fruit. I am not talking about a full-fledge shift into a constant state of undress, (that would be impractical on many levels) but just the acceptability of me sitting in my garden, as exactly the person that I am.

Nude is normal…For all the pictures click here:


World Naked Bike Ride – Byron Bay Australia – 2014

World Naked Bike Ride – Byron Bay Australia – 2014 from claire on Vimeo.

“This is a short film shot at the World Naked Bike Ride 2014 in Byron Bay Australia. Colourful footage and interviews with some of the participants, both local and from all over the world. I had so much fun shooting this event. Hope you enjoy it. Claire”

Paint it on

body painting
This may be an odd idea but for some reason it sounds appealing at the moment.

The girl to the left isn’t clothed. She ‘wears’ body-paint. As I saw this I suddenly had this idea to see if this would be an option if I want to go on a naked bike ride when the weather’s right.

Just paint on something that looks like shorts and go. What do you, readers of this site, think of that? It’s a bit like the WNBRs where people paint themselves up, but clearly it’s not the same. It’s just to give the impression that I wear something, which is enough for most people:

Topless Co-ed Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society Wants Women to Know Their Reading Rights


By Alison Gaylin

They crop up in New York City’s public parks when the weather gets warm: clusters of bold young women, poring over volumes of crime fiction, horror, sci fi, erotica— whatever books they can get their hands on—chatting, snacking, soaking up the sun. All of them are completely naked from the waist up.

The group is known as the Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society. It’s just three years old, but continues to grow exponentially, in both notoriety and numbers. To date, OCTPFAS has swelled from around a dozen to 100 regular members, while its blog has racked up more than 8 million hits. They’ve received fan mail from columnist Dave Barry (who also blogged about them) and a carton of free books from the late Elmore Leonard. They’ve dined with authors Lawrence Block and Christa Faust, sparked newspaper headlines and myth-like rumors (Did Bob Dylan really paint one of their meetings in Central Park?) and have found themselves, more than once, playing the role of muse. “Authors have written about us,” says the group’s founder, an avid reader who goes by the name Alethea. “One wrote us a poem recently. It’s fun.”

It all started with Getting Off. Back in 2011, Alethea was talking to her friend, publisher Charles Ardai, about Lawrence Block’s steamy new crime novel, an upcoming release from Ardai’s company, Hard Case Crime. Getting Off was causing some in-house concern because of its cover. “Is it too much?” Ardai asked Alethea, holding up the proposed book jacket, which depicted a completely naked woman walking in on a lover, long dagger clasped behind her back. “Would you read this in public?”

It was a legitimate question for Ardai to ask a female reader. This was 2011 – the same year that Fifty Shades of Grey first leapt onto the scene and skyrocketed, largely due to the fact that, as an e-book, it lacked a cover. As numerous breathless articles pointed out, Fifty Shades could be safely read anywhere: on a commuter train, waiting for your kindergartener’s school bus, working the cashbox at a church bake sale – anywhere. And no one would be the wiser.

More in the original article at

Se promener nue en Belgique


Sur j’ai trouvé beaucoup d’information pour se promener nue dans les Ardennes. L’organisation Naturlux a fait leur website pour informer tous qui sont interesser. Le site a beaucoup de pages. Ici est une liste de chose que j’ai trouvé:

  • Se promener nu en Belgique n’est pas permetter.
  • Naturlux utilise des gens qui marchent avant la groupe et qui peuvent annoncer quand il’ya des gens habiller sur la route
  • Pour cette on doit porter quelquechose qu’on peut metter rapidement.
  • Le website a beaucoup d’information mais on doit chercher un peu.
  • On peut eciver à Naturlux par e-mail.

Ici un petit video du journal que parle de Naturlux:

(Mes excuses pour des erreurs dans le Francais, ce n’est pas une langue que je parle beaucoup.)

Naturism and children

Children in naturism.nudism kids

Always a ‘hot’ subject, because the world loves making a fuss about children and how we can raise them in a safe way.


I entirely agree with that, don’t understand me wrong. Still I want to praise naturism and the children of naturist parents.Instead of being kept away from anything that might resemble nudity, without the imminent threat of child porn and other filth, children of naturists can walk, run and swim in the nude without any fear.

“Children on the beach.”
Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida, 1908

Children don’t mind being nude. Have you ever seen how many very young children are entirely naked on a beach? And is that a problem for them? Not at all. The ‘problem’ occurs when the parents create it.

Hooray for naturism where children don’t have to deal with that problem all of the time.

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