7 thoughts on “Gyrocopter girl”

  1. I am a nudist and I would love to fly in the seat behind my naked pilot! I’ve got to add this to my bucket list of naked things to do in my life! I can’t wait! So cool!

  2. This is an interesting video. There are at least two flights edited together. Sometimes she has the tablet strapped to her left thigh and sometimes to her right. I have ridden in gyrocopters a few times and took a lesson a few years ago. I would have kept taking them if she was the instructor. She has other videos on YouTube as Gyrocopter Girl but not nude.

    1. Thanks for the information. I have seen the nude Gyrocopter Girl version. I’d like to fly with a naked pilot like her! Of course, I’d be naked, too!

    2. I agree about he 2 flights, one flight has a passenger in the rear. Probably the dude who posts the original videos

  3. je viens de découvrir Gyrocopter girl je la trouve très jolie mais en plus de pouvoir pratiquer le naturisme dans son appareil c’est trop fort je suis une adepte de naturisme sauvage je trouve son naturel extraordinaire et ayant vue aussi ses autres vidéos dans les quelles elle n’est pas nue mais juste un haut léger et un bas très léger aussi sans dessous on voit bien que c’est une fille libre comme l’air et j’apprécie beaucoup !

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