Things you can do naked. Skydiving.

Things you can do naked.

Walking nude in the street
Frowned upon

Every serious nudist/naturist knows there are lots of things you can do naked. Not everything is ‘acceptable’ in our narrow-minded society, because simply walking down the street in the nude isn’t exactly something you see everywhere. Odd, because it’s one of the simplest things you can do in the nude.


It’s probably not the first thing you’d consider but it’s done. And done often. Just give your favourite search engine a swing with ‘naked skydiving’ and you might be surprised about the number of hits.

nude skydiving
Nude skydivers.

Of course you can wonder why people do this anyway, regardless of their state of dress. Most people assume there is nothing wrong with the airplane so why would one jump from it?

Exhilarating freedom.

I can state that this is true. While I never had the opportunity to do this in the nude (alas, unfortunate, sad), I’ve done 2 tandem jumps and the thrill is beyond explanation.

A tandem jump is where you don’t learn actual skydiving but you’re hooked up to an experienced skydiver who does the real work. You do learn how to behave in the sky so the descent is safe.

Nude skydiving woman
Tandem jump.

Something to consider is that it’s cold. You start the jump from quite high and no matter how hot the weather is, it will be cold or at least chilly. I’d love to experience that, though. The rush of being so free, ‘floating’ in the air without any ropes attached, and seeing others fly around like that is amazing.

The need for speed?

Granted, you ‘float’ downwards at an insane speed. When you do a normal, controlled jump, you’ll go down with speeds around 180 km per hour (112 mph). I think that’s fast enough for a naked person. Trained skydivers who perform a ‘speed dive’ (limiting the air resistance as much as possible) can reach up to 320 km/hour (almost 200 mph).

Do you remember Felix Baumgartner?

Felix Baumgartner

In 2012 made the highest and fastest recorded skydive ever. He started at 39 km (24 miles) and during his drop he reached a speed of 1342 kph (834 mph). Hardly the location and speed to do naked, but I thought I’d let you know about this anyway. It might give you a challenge. 😀


Some people take on nude skydiving for a challenge. Here’s a video of a young man named James Young who accepted such a challenge to raise money for a good cause:

He raised £1000 with this jump!

Would you do it?

The swiftness of life

The swiftness of life…

You may wonder what I mean by that. Let me explain. Look at your life and watch how fast it passes by. How swiftly it races along, competing with the clock to get to the end first. Of course if your clock runs on a battery that will get to the end first and you should be grateful for that.

You may have noticed I have been silent here. There’s a reason for that (of course). The reason is my Dad. He’s not doing well. He’s far over 92 years old and he’s had it with life. His body and mind are failing.

Enjoy things now!

playing in mud
Be a kid. Get dirty!

Yes, now is the time to do all the crazy stuff you have on your mind. Don’t waste a moment of it.

When I look at my Dad I see a man who has regrets. He told me about them, long ago. About all the things he had wanted to do and can’t he can’t do them.

Be naked as much as you can. Be creative. Find ways. Look around, here and on other websites. Find people who have tips for you. Don’t be afraid. Don’t get to the end of your personal battery and look back at the time where you could have. Look back at a time where you did. Create those beautiful, naked memories.


Work naked.

Once or twice a month I try to work from home. It’s not just environmentally friendly (no car so no fuel so no exhaust gas), but it’s also very liberating to do so. Because when I work from home, I work naked. If I don’t have to go outside I stay unclothed as much as possible. The exceptions are when I feel cold or sick. Then staying warm is more important, but there are ways to stay warm without ‘real clothes’. A fluffy bath robe makes a big difference then. But usually that’s not necessary.

I’m not the only one who likes to work naked. I know of several others who prefer it that way. A surprise however could be these people who also like to work naked:

working naked in a mine
Image courtesy of

Did you know this actually happened? Not lately of course. Health and safety would forbid it, if they survived the heart attack from hearing about it.

For now I’d be happy if there was a nude day at work.

Unfortunately, with today’s attitude towards the naked body, that will be a while. Until then I’ll work nude when I’m at home.

Do you ever work naked? At home? At work? Somewhere else? I’m always happy to hear what other people do, and how they manage it. It’s all about sharing ideas and motivating others, you know.

Stay happy. Stay nude.

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