On the joy of being naked
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The Naked Crow series

Cover of Naked Crow 1

1. Naked Crow

Sheila is a dental assistant with an average life, until one of her friends, Josy, goes missing and the police face a mystery.

Josy disappeared in a naturist resort and there is no trace of her, only her bag that's left standing next to a tree. Sheila, who discovers a special ability within herself and also discovers an incredible friend, decides to find Josy on her own, but for that she will have to go into the naturist resort. Will she need to shed her clothes? Will she find her friend, and if she does, can she bring her home?

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Cover of Naked Crow 2 - Evil Spirit
2. Evil Spirit

Sheila and her friends face a problem when an ancient, evil spirit appears at the Mighty Oaks naturist resort.
Her spirit guide Acaraho and Sheila have to do something, but what? Luckily she doesn't have to fight this battle alone.

Also in her private life Sheila faces difficult decisions. Surprises are lined up for her and Jeremy, and also for many other people that get involved in the hunt for the Evil Spirit.

Available through Smashwords - Amazon - Barnes&Noble - Apple iTunes - Kobo - Google Playstore - Scribd - Inktera (Page Foundry) - 24 Symbols - Amazon paperback - Hoopla Digital. Google Play has an audiobook too.

Cover of Naked Crow 3 - Nagual
3. Nagual

Bad weather and a wonderful offer to help a few people take Sheila, Jeremy and a few more friends to the warm weather of Mexico. The encounter with a group of researchers and some vivid dreams are the start of another strange adventure for Sheila, and she won't be the only one to go on this journey. Who is going with her? And what do jaguars have to do with all this?

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Cover of Naked Crow 4 - Shaman
4. Shaman

Sheila suddenly finds herself in touch with more odd abilities. How will she cope with them?
In her circle of friends also many things are happening, while her work at the Mighty Oaks resort continues to be challenging in more than one way. And what's that Jeremy's talking about...

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Cover of Naked Crow 5 - Shadow Dancer
5. Shadow Dancer

While Jeremy blossoms in his new job and finds new ways to express himself, Sheila suddenly finds herself in Mississippi where a friend is trying to save someone's life.
A fellow Shaman wanted to be a Shadow Dancer and that did not turn out well.
Follow Sheila to Mississippi and join her on her adventures!

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Cover of Naked Crow 6 - Hidden Village
6. Hidden Village

One of the owners of the Mighty Oaks naturist resort complains about bad sleeping. Sheila offers to help when she hears about his dreams. A number of interesting nights are the start for Sheila's encounter with a hidden village.

At the same time, there's an unexpected visitor from overseas who will have a few surprises up the proverbial sleeve for Sheila. This visitor isn't the only one. Josy, Sheila's best friend, has some news that isn't what anyone would have expected.

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Cover of Naked Crow 7 - Sacred Arrows
7. Sacred Arrows

A mysterious archer goes around, shooting people seemingly at random. Since the arrows clearly have a Native American origin, the police get in touch with Sheila. While this goes on, Josy gets into an occupational tight spot.

Sheila is also put in charge of handling a theatre group that wants to perform a play at the Mighty Oaks resort, while she‘s looking after two special guests of whom she grows quite fond.

Then there's the big surprise that Jeremy has for Sheila, but that's not all: Mandy and Josy team up to arrange something special for Sheila and Jeremy.

These and more adventures are waiting for you. Dive right in. Just don't get hit by Sacred Arrows.

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Cover of Naked Crow 8 - Giant Problems
8. Giant Problems

A naturist resort as a place for resident artists. Can you imagine that? Yes, it will happen at the Mighty Oaks. Remarkable artists will stay there for a while, diving into their art - and strange adventures.

Of course, Sheila and Jeremy are part of those adventures.

Slowly, bits and pieces of the history of Mighty Oaks are revealed, as well as a secret the managers of the resort managed to keep for quite a while.

All of this and more will present giant problems for the resident shaman.

Are you ready to face them together with her?

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Cover of Naked Crow 9 - Canadian Crow

9. Canadian Crow

It's time for a vacation!

Sheila and Jeremy are up for a trip, and they will have a travel companion. Or does the travel companion have them?

Either way, the journey goes to a naturist resort and from there they reach a lake, a murder and a mystery. How did the victim die? And why? Is there a risk that such a murder happens again?

Lots of questions and even more adventures await our friends when they go on their trip across the border.

And for you there might be an Abenaki 101 in store!

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Cover of Naked Crow 10 - for love
10. For Love

Something is off with Josy, Sheila's and Jeremy's best friend. It doesn't take long for the couple to be involved in a very bad love triangle. Jealousy and narcissism make this a difficult journey.

And what's going on with Jeremy's dad? Ever since a group of people returned from Argentina, there's something different about him. But what? Are those people involved?

Sheila and Jeremy are determined to find out.

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Cover Naked Crow 11 - Jinn
11. Jinn

Lizzy, an almost forgotten friend of Sheila and Jeremy, gets in touch with a cry for help.
She, with her group of friends, managed to summon a Jinn and now they're in a fix. The Jinn doesn't want to go home and causes problems. Sheila's reputation speaks for itself, and so she is Lizzy's last resort.
We also encounter a dangerous man at the Mighty Oaks. He's not dangerous to others, though, but to himself.
As usual, there's a lot going on and there are many questions to be answered. And not only by that Jinn.

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Cover of book Superheroes 1.
Superheroes. No capes, no nothing.

Pat and Jody are friends. Together with some other friends they go out and have fun afternoons and evenings.
At some point they decide to "visit" a mysterious warehouse, because Jody feels like "breaking in" somewhere.
Things happen in that warehouse, and for Pat and Jody life will never be the same again.

Find out how they acquire weird powers and how they have to find a balance between being superheroes and regular people. It sounds easy, until you face the problem.

Available through Amazon - Google Playstore - Amazon paperback, and on Kobo. And there is an audiobook on Google Play. (Note that this book is AI-narrated, so it might sound a bit off in places, but for that price...)

Unfortunately I had to take the book down from most other mainstream places, as the publishing company suddenly disagreed with all the nudity which earlier was considered okay.

Cover of Superheroes book 2.
Superheroes. Robots and Aliens.

Jody and Pat are finding a bit more stability in their superlative lives when Samuel and Mariana invite them to come on a trip with them. The researchers want to find out more about the artifacts they'd stored in Warehouse 51.

That trip reveals more about lots of things than anyone had expected.

Another surprise comes in the form of an enormous robot which gets stolen. You get to guess who're going to look for it. Join the superheroes team, and fly through this book to find out what happens!

Find it at AmazonKoboApple BooksBarnes&NobleSmashwords and Google Play. The paperback is available via Amazon and Draft2Digital.