Here is an overview of audiobooks that I have created.

Note: these audiobooks are machine-narrated. I think their quality is quite good, but my standards may not be yours, so proceed at your own risk. The links will take you directly to Google Play, where those books are available.

Table of Contents

Historical Fiction

1. The Unsworth Manor Nudes

2. More Unsworth Manor Nudes

3. No more Unsworth Manor Nudes

Fantasy Fiction

Naked Crow series:

1. Naked Crow

2. Naked Crow - Evil Spirit

3. Naked Crow - Nagual

Superheroes series:

1. Superheroes. No capes, no nothing

2.Superheroes. Robots and Aliens

Science Fiction

Zoolah (standalone book)

Nude in space series:

1. Nude in Space

2. Nude in Space 2 

Mirror Earth series:

1. Mirror Earth

2. Mirror Earth Revisited


The Naked Truth (standalone book)


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