On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

About me and this site

About me.

I’m a nudist. Naturist. Whatever you want to call it. No surprise there, I guess.

Starting off as a home nudist many years ago, I’ve gone out into the world, to enjoy the sunshine and the freedom of a clothes-free lifestyle where possible.

Through this site, I’m trying to aid in correcting the wrong ideas that many people still harbour about naturism and nudism. If I can enlighten only one person, that’s what I consider a win already.

About this site.

"zjuzdme.org" started in January 2013. The earliest post on the old site is proof of that.

Being a naturist myself, I found that it was necessary to add another site to the growing number of sites that promoted naturism.

Why ´zjuzdme`? Long before the start of the site, I was online already, and most chat rooms on AOL (really), Compuserve (does anyone still remember that?) and so on had people using nicknames. I wanted to use 'just me', but that was already taken, so I took something that sort of kind of sounded like it, and distorted the writing to 'zjuzd me'. 'Zjuzdme' stuck with me, and so I used that as the domain to get this site off the ground. As I type this, in October 2022, it's incredible to think that - in a few months - the site will be going for ten years!