On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is naturism?

Naturism, simply put, is a lifestyle through which a person wants to be as natural as possible. This includes being nude / undressed.

What is the difference between nudism and naturism?

This depends on where in the world you ask that question.
In Canada the words are interchangeable. In the USA 'nudist' is more common while in Europe generally 'naturist' is preferred.
For me a naturist is someone who wants to be as natural as possible, including being nude in nature, to experience the world unfiltered. A nudist, in my view, is someone who wants to spend as much time nude as possible, inside their home or outside.

Why do people want to get naked? There are clothes, right?

We're all born naked. It is the natural way to be.
It is nearly impossible to explain why people want to get back to being naked. It's something everyone needs to experience for themselves, and not to rush this.Β 
The longer you have been committed to clothes, the more time your body had to take this state as normal. Some people only need 15 to 30 minutes to feel comfortable, others need days or weeks of 'practice', preferably in the safety of their home, to get used to being naked.Β 

Spiritual benefit of nudism

Some people wonder if there is a spiritual benefit to nudism.
Yes, I think there is. A spiritual person is often inclined to leave the body 'behind'. When you sit down, e.g. to meditate, and you wear clothing, then clothing is an additional layer to 'peel off' if you want to escape your body. Being nude makes the whole process of transcending the body much easier; at least it does for me.
Do search 'meditation' on my site if you want to learn more.