Blogs about nudism and naturism

Blogs for your reading pleasure.

If you are looking for a blog on naturism or nudism in your area or language, there is a decent chance you will find it here! Please, if you find a link that no longer works, I'd appreciate to hear about it!

Here is the list!

♥ A Canadian Naturist – the world through a naturist’s lens.

 Will Forest, the nude scribe

Naked Wanderings – highly recommended!

♥ Nagistylzycia – Blog traktujacy o naturyzmie, propagujacy aseksualna nagosc jako naturalny element codziennego zycia. (Polish)

Love, live and travel – Our Journey. (English)

♥ Spotnaked. (English)

♥ Abraham’s blog on nudism and naturism (multilingual)

♥ Naked Musings, a British nudist’s blog (English)

♥ The Naked I, another British nudist’s blog (English)

♥ The Nude Guru (English)

♥ Naturist met beperking (Dutch, for handicapped nudists)

♥ Hawai’i Naturist (English)

♥ Randonnues, un blog vers la nudisme en français.

♥ (en français)

♥ Vivre nu (en français)

♥ The Naturist Philosopher (English)

Nudist Society blog (English)

♥ Nudistenblog (Deutsch / German)

Happy bare Nudist with nothing to hide (English)

Just bare with us (English, not only nudism)

Naturist holidays in Europe (English)

Naked James (English)

♥ The Outgoing Nudist (English)

Nakenparet, a blog about nudist places. (Swedish)

It’s my private life, a blog by a nudist in Bali. (English)

Mais naturismo, a blog by a nudist in Brasil. (Portuguese)

Naturism in South Africa

Sanaturisme, more naturism in South Africa. Blog in South Afrikaans. Flemish and Dutch people should not have a problem reading this.

Christian Naturist Suzy, another South African blog on nudism, through the eyes of Suzy Calitz. She posts a lot of information and also a number of pictures that beg us to come and experience the area ourselves. (English)

Through a Jungian Lens This is the blog of Robert Longpré, a fellow author who has excellent articles and perspectives on naturism and its psychological aspects. If you like good posts, visit this blog. You won’t regret it. Otherwise I’ll give you your click back.

Nudi Suzie’s blog The nudist experiences of a teenager.

♥ Naked Wanderings.

♥ My Naturism (English and Dutch)

FreeRangeNaturist (English)

T3DUS (English)

Spanish Naturist Federation blog (Spanish)