Naked is healthier and here is why.

Most textile-oriented people won’t agree with this statement but naked is healthier. I feel like living proof and I let me tell you why. First have a look at this picture:


…do you see something odd? If not, look again. (If you have to look again you’re still learning to be a naturist as you probably only saw a penis.) I saw it immediately as soon as it appeared. There’s a bump on the right side. It’s an inguinal hernia, also known as groin rupture. People who are comfortable with seeing and knowing their own naked body will notice and acknowledge such strange occurrences much sooner than clothes people. I am convinced of that.

Doesn’t mean that I’m happy that I see it because this probably means surgery (be it minor surgery according to the doctor) and I haven’t been in a hospital since almost 40 years.

Something clothes addicts will never experience

We have an advantage over dressed people who are addicted to their coverings. Perhaps some would even call it a blessing. We know what it is to feel free. And that means really free. Many naturists talk about freedom, liberation, being unhindered, and that is what we are. We savour the freedom from restraints like clothes and such as much as possible.

naked freedom

The longer I’m a naturist, the more I understand how free we are. When I get home I take my clothes off. Clothes that have been on me all day while I did things I would rather not do. After all, work is a hobby that pays the bill but it does eat up an awful amount of time.

The joy of being naked is the feeling that so many have never experienced. It’s mind-boggling when you think of it. How did this happen? Why is being naked so bad in the eyes of the majority of people? As I said before, people are shocked more by the sight of a naked person than by the sight of a gun. Or violence. Or injustice. Naked people aren’t dangerous. Sorry if I bring in something horrible but look at suicide bombers who wear those belts with explosives. Beneath their clothes. A suicide bombing nudist wouldn’t go unnoticed in a crowded market place. And then I mean a market place crowded with other nudists. (Can you imagine how I would love to wander around in such a market place?)

Naked people are the most relaxed people that I know, and often also the kindest. Because they don’t need to hide and don’t want to hide. Because, indeed, they are free.

making the bedThe awareness that nothing like clothes is holding me back when I walk through my apartment often hits me like a brick wrapped in velvet. Hard but also very pleasant. I can do this. I am not afraid of my own nudity. Every real nudist or naturist feels secure in her or his nakedness. Because of that freedom. I am strongly convinced that such freedom isn’t only physical. It has its effect on one’s mind as well. Mental freedom. Now there’s something to be proud of. So many people long for that…

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by hontouniheart on June 19, 2015

Originally posted on clothesfreelife:

Last night I had an amazing time being out with a small group of women and sharing from the heart. Every now and then, the group of us get together and catch up on the latest changes in our lives. In the past, I have talked about some things, but last night, I really opened up and talked about things I never thought I’d confess to others in all my life.

This level of openness I credit to my clothes free life for a number of reasons. Firstly, being willing to sit with myself and see my truth, rather than run away from it or ignore it, is due in large part to my practice of being clothes free. I find healing peace is letting my truth breathe.

 Secondly, seeing myself clothes free and living my daily life clothes free has boosted my confidence. You know, I used to look in the mirror and think, “Yeah, I look OK, but as soon as I get those extra few pounds off and fix my hair and suck in my gut, that’s when I’ll really be there.” Now, I don’t place conditions on my beauty or awesomeness. I am wholly and completely beautiful and awesome right now, head to toe, inside and out. And that attitude is beginning to shift how I speak and share myself with others. It’s not, “I’ll be beautiful and great when I have my life together.” No, I’m beautiful, powerful and awesome right now even if I’m a hot mess, even when I make mistakes.

Thirdly, some of the things we, as a clothes free community, talk about with regards to public nudity laws and people’s reactions to our discussions of being clothes free or naked outside are actually helping me to be more mindful about how I share myself with others. We talk about some of the negative ramifications of being caught naked, including folks who immediately turn it into sex and impose upon others their sexual comments or images; shaming from family, friends or strangers; loss of jobs; incarceration and so forth. Being naked in heart is also a huge risk. Indeed, I had, perhaps a month ago, confided something in one woman, and she betrayed my confidence. In the same way that not everyone is ready to deal with clothes free life, some people don’t know how to respect or honor a naked heart. So, while I am feeling more powerful, confident and open about myself from my clothes free life, I’m also discerning more carefully when to take my soul’s clothes off and with whom to be naked in spirit.

Finally, having been clothes free in the presence of others now and seen how it can heal and inspire (see posts where I wrote about my mom and friend for instance), I am seeing how important it is to share openly and deeply, with discernment of course. I spent a lot of this year being secretive and closed off, worried about what people would think of me with regard to many aspects of my life. I just didn’t know who I could trust. But that hiding also made me feel hopeless and alone. Last night, in this trust circle, we women opened up to each other about some very intimate things on our hearts, and it was so healing and freeing to speak about our experiences. I was so freed up once I shared about things in my life, and it moved the others to hear me share. And I was incredibly touched and inspired by their bold and honest shares. We were so supportive of each other, and I left the gathering feeling free, empowered and grateful, and the others echoed similar sentiments.

This morning I feel refreshed and renewed after a night of healthy sharing with a great group women. It felt like our naked hearts spent hours at a clothes free spa just washing out, healing and being.

I don’t want my daughter to see you naked

This is the oddest thing I’ve heard in a while. Really. I have temporary neighbours. They are in their late 60s/early 70s and nice people. When they moved in (waiting for their new home to be finished) I warned them that I may wander through my own house not wearing anything.shocked woman For a while nothing seemed to be a problem, until either he or she actually saw me. The next occasion they met me outside he told me, “I don’t want my daughter to see you naked”. Uhm, what? He insisted that this wouldn’t be acceptable because his daughter might have her children with her. Note that his daughter is almost forty and since she has children I am convinced that she’s seen what naked men look like. Of course I don’t want to harm the tender children’s psyche by submitting them to the horror of my naked body but somehow I think that it wouldn’t be the big deal he’s making of it.In the woods  Add to that the fact that his daughter usually visits during the day when I’m either off to work or working at home in my living room (usually naked but far away from the bedroom window). My neighbour is really worrying about something that’s not worth the energy spent on it. Did this ever happen to you?

Nudism and nature

I think that one of the biggest problems of today is that people are closed-minded “by nature”. By their environment, by the dogmas that are tossed onto them, by interpretations of religion, by the sad but true conviction that nudity is bad. “Sinful” even, as nudism/naturism these days is so often 1 on 1 connected to sex and porn, while it has nothing to do with that.

Being nude for no other reason than to be nude means being in direct and constant touch with your skin, and that again means being in touch with nature itself, something that most people these days seem to be scared of, or have forgotten/repressed. If something is not sterilised and wrapped in 3 layers of plastic, it’s unhealthy. Many kids in schools these days don’t dare to drink milk from a cow, because “real milk comes from the factory”. You don’t get your hands dirty any more, you wear gloves and a ton of protective clothing that needs to be cleaned afterwards.

Getting dirty when you’re nude means you wash yourself afterwards. That’s all there is to it. No attack on nature with the detergents needed for cleaning clothes, no disposable things (unless you need something to stay safe and/or in one piece).

Nude lumberjacks

There should nothing wrong with being naked, as long as others aren’t bothered by it. Let’s start with being nude in nature, in an uninhibited way. Everyone’s seen a naked body, and when you meet someone who’s nude you can see that this person literally has nothing to hide.

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