Naked is healthier and here is why.

Most textile-oriented people won’t agree with this statement but naked is healthier. I feel like living proof and I let me tell you why. First have a look at this picture:


…do you see something odd? If not, look again. (If you have to look again you’re still learning to be a naturist as you probably only saw a penis.) I saw it immediately as soon as it appeared. There’s a bump on the right side. It’s an inguinal hernia, also known as groin rupture. People who are comfortable with seeing and knowing their own naked body will notice and acknowledge such strange occurrences much sooner than clothes people. I am convinced of that.

Doesn’t mean that I’m happy that I see it because this probably means surgery (be it minor surgery according to the doctor) and I haven’t been in a hospital since almost 40 years.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

10 thoughts on “Naked is healthier and here is why.”

  1. AHHHHHH!!! Its a penis. run for yer bloody soddin’ lives!! Cis male penis has been spotted! run for yer lives!!

    Okay now that we have the sarcastic humor out of the way. Sorry to hear about your condition my friend. I hope all goes well

    1. Thanks, William. I’m sure all will be well. I’m seeing a doctor about it next Friday, to see about the next steps. It seems to be a very common bit of knife-work for them. I’ll still tell him to do his utmost. 😉

  2. I agree! Because I am a nudist who looks at my body in the mirror frequently, I have noticed that even though my hips are level, my shoulders aren’t. One shoulder is about two inches higher than the other. I have scoliosis which has caused me to “shrink” almost two inches and has made my upper-body “crooked”. It is not as noticeable when I have my clothes on. I also have a slight navel-hernia, and even though I am the lightest I have ever been since about 1980, I am still a bit “pudgy”. I am not “overweight”, I am “under-tall”.



    1. As long as you feel good about yourself there’s nothing wrong with you. The things your body does on its own accord are hard to fight. No pain is the best thing in such cases.
      Blessings and stay happy and nude!

  3. Yes spotted that straight away, it’s 14 months since I had mine repaired by mesh (left side) day surgery home by 6pm no lifting for 6 weeks but walking ok and though I still get the occasional twinge, it’s such a relief from the pain I had! Oh, just noticed a penis too,still it’s just another body part! Take care and stay bare!

    1. Ouch, so sorry you had pain from it. I don’t which is a blessing. Still I want it repaired before there is pain. I don’t like pain.
      I hope the twinges go away soon for you, Mike!

  4. one of my friends has a severe case of it and i noticed it immediately and talked about it with him but he has decided to not go for surgery (at least not any time soon..) which kind of blows my mind a little bit… Hopefully by now (now being 2021!) it has all been sorted for you : )

    1. It didn’t get worse and I have no pain from it, so I’m leaving it as it is. I don’t want to get cut open for something that doesn’t bother me. 🙂

      1. are you sure its not a case of your maleness and aversion to visiting doctors? : )
        hope it continues to not bother you!

        1. I’m definitely not opposed to seeing doctors. When I had my own company I saw many of them (okay, they were customers LOL). As long as nothing bothers me, I’m fine with letting them help people with real issues. 🙂

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