Health benefits of nudism

Hello. Have you ever considered the health benefits of being nude as much as possible?

Now, you may state that clothes are healthy as they keep you warm when it’s cold, and everyone will fully agree with you. But what about the times when it’s not cold? When the temperature is just right for (or too much for even) t-shirts or less, for shorts or swimming trunks? So many people then still cover themselves up with textile.

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If you put a plaster cast on a broken arm the skin starves for Vitamin D, the muscles weaken due to strangled range of motion, the nerve synapses depress to a whimper of their former joy. Twenty-first century hominids? We shroud our entire skin palette except for face, neck and hands – we obliterate symbiosis with the planet.

Benefitsofnudism, a blogspot blog:

The Sun Helps Clear Up Psoriasis
Psoriasis is a skin disease which turns your skin purple. Those suffering from psoriasis are treated by dermatologists by having the patient sit under a flourescent light, simulating the rays of the sun. Going nude does the exact same thing. It’s cheaper, plus it’s a lot more fun.

Maybe you’ve wondered why nudists are so often depicted as healthy “despite being naked”. Well, that’s exactly the reason: they are healthy (healthier) because they’re naked so much. All the skin is allowed to breathe instead of only hands and face.

Also, you have less hassle with clothes. Now what’s that to do with health? How about less stress about what to wear, and less need for laundry detergent (which is good for the environment)?

Also, when meeting other nude people, the encounter is healthier. There is no difference between a business tycoon or a factory worker when they’re both in their birthday suit. It cuts away any class barrier that might be there.

I have a problem with clothes.

And it’s a serious one.


I cut my thumb badly a few days ago. No, not going to show you how bad, it’s ugly though, trust me. And that is what gives me a real problem with clothes. A physical problem. Try buttoning up a shirt without the use of a thumb unless you love being in agony. Or taking the shirt off.And that’s only a thumb. Imagine having an arm or a leg in a cast. That will hinder you a lot too, I’m sure. (I have no experience and intend to keep it that way.)

For someone who likes to drive in the nude when it’s warm (and it’s been warm over the last days), this nuisance is more than just a sore thumb, it puts a limitation on my life style.If you don’t understand this: before driving in the nude you’ll have to take off your clothes. And that is a major annoyance when something on your body isn’t cooperating, like said thumb. It takes a lot longer and it’s painful, so in the end I decided to skip nude drives until my finger is healed.

How much easier would life be if clothing was optional. That way I would not waste a lot of time on dressing and undressing every day, and in my current state it would save me even more time.

No one can really explain nudism

Trust me. You can talk until you’re blue in the face, or any other colour you fancy, but it’s just as easy to explain how wonderful it is to walk around nude and carefree as it is to explain how an orange tastes to someone who’s never seen or tasted one.

Some people will never agree that it’s silly to put on clothes when it’s warm enough to go without them. Lifelong conditioning does strange things to a brain. Imagine, dear fellow nudist, that suddenly someone comes up to you and tells you you don’t need to eat, that life goes on as usual without food. That’s hard to believe as well. (Okay, as far as we know now it’s not true, so please don’t try it.)

I think we need to see the ideas of convinced textiles in a similar light. Being enthusiastic about your nudist lifestyle in an honest way is perhaps the best approach. Talk about it but don’t tell people to do it too. Suggest that they might try it some time. Do you feel the nuance?

We all know that clothes aren’t natural. They were adopted as a necessity against the influences of weather and climate. No living creature is ever born with clothes on. Still, people’s minds are ingrained with the certainty that you need clothes. Teach someone something from birth and it becomes (second) nature. (Lots of sad examples for that.) If someone you meet is interested in, or even inclined to try nudism, a good way might be to encourage them to do it in the safety of their home, alone. And not just once, but advise them to try it several times. The first time is the most difficult one – most modern people have grown so distant from the sight of their own body that they’ll immediately focus on the things they hate about it. It takes time to get used to that for them. Unfortunately. But with some luck, if they do try and like it, they’ll let you know.

Niemand kan nudisme echt uitleggen

Geloof me maar. Je kunt praten als Brugman of elke andere goed van de tongriem gesneden spreker, maar uitleggen hoe aangenaam het is om zonder kleren rond te lopen is net zo eenvoudig als aan iemand uitleggen hoe een sinaasappel smaakt als die persoon zoiets nog nooit gezien of geproefd heeft.

Sommige mensen zullen nooit toegeven dat het raar is om kleren aan te trekken als het warm genoeg is om zonder textiel rond te lopen. Levenslange conditionering doet nou eenmaal vreemde dingen. Stel je eens voor, beste medenudist, dat opeens iemand op je afkomt en zegt dat je eigenlijk niet hoeft te eten. Dat je zonder te eten ook prima kunt leven. Dat is moeilijk te geloven. (Okee, voor zover we nu weten kan het ook niet, dus probeer het niet uit!)

Ik denk denk dat we de ideeën van overtuigde kledingdragers in eenzelfde licht moeten zien. Enthousiast zijn over je eigen naakte levenswijze is waarschijnlijk de beste insteek. Praat erover maar zeg niet tegen anderen dat ze het eens moeten proberen. Stel voor dat ze het eens zouden kunnen proberen. Voel je het verschil, de nuance?

We weten allemaal dat kleren niet natuurlijk zijn. Ze zijn nodig geworden door weer en klimaat. Geen enkel levend wezen wordt geboren met kleren aan. Ondanks dat is zowat iedereen aangeleerd dat kleren moeten. Vertel iemand iets vanaf diens geboorte en het wordt een (tweede) natuur. (Genoeg trieste voorbeelden voorhanden.) Stel je ontmoet iemand die wel geïnteresseerd is, of zelfs geneigd om nudisme eens te proberen, dan zou een goede manier zijn om voor te stellen dat die persoon het thuis probeert, alleen waar het veilig is. En dan niet één keer maar een aantal keren. De eerste keer is namelijk het moeilijkste – de meeste moderne mensen zijn zo van hun eigen lichaam afgegroeid dat ze meteen zullen kijken naar de delen waar ze een hekel aan hebben. Dat heeft tijd nodig, acceptatie is jammer genoeg een traag proces. Met wat geluk, als ze het proberen en het prettig beginnen te vinden, dan zullen ze het laten weten.

Why you should not be naked

Strange title for a nudist blog, isn’t it? Don’t worry, I’m not going to convince you to put on clothes. I’m trying to collect as many reasons as possible why the world of textiles in general won’t let us be naked when we want to. So here we go:

GodGod or religion forbids it.
1. The Islam forbids nudity to its followers (article on Nudist America) because it preaches modesty. For some reason being nude is not modest in the eyes of Islam.
2. The Christian God forbids it (article on GotQuestions). Even though Adam and Eve were nude at first (the way that the Christian God made them) their sin (eating the wrong apple) suddenly made them the bad guys and the Christian God made them wear animal skins. Since then nudity is sinful and shameful.
Interesting detail: there are plenty of Christian nudists, including preachers:

You look better with your clothes on.
I think this is something that trickles down from religion as well, as that’s what people were taught / brainwashed into believing. Certainly, people can look nice in clothes, but still they cover themselves, they hide themselves. It is a way to avoid revealing your true self.

cigaretteIt’s unpleasant to look at nude people.
Again a brainwash situation, and an expression you can also use for so many other things. It can also be unpleasant to watch someone eat, or smoke a cigarette. It’s what you’re used to, and far too few people are used to seeing naked people.

Clothes set us apart from animals.
Oh yes, such a fine distinction, and look at the big polluted mess the animals made of this planet.

childrenYou have to think of the children!
Silly reason. Children usually are the most accepting and open kind of people, they usually enjoy running around in the nude. It’s after being told a thousand times that you shouldn’t do that, that their conditioning starts to set in.

It leads people into temptation!
Rubbish. How can something you see everywhere be tempting? It’s a fact that what you can’t have or see is what makes something tempting.

Inuit Children in Winter Furs


You won’t be cold.
Ah, now there’s a reason for not being naked.


Nudity in art and the downfall of morality

It suddenly occurred to me, while watching some old paintings, that nudity in art has been in decline over the last number of decades.Why do I think so? Look at this painting by Rubens:
 photo rubens_paris_2_zps5b104d08.jpg
Many nude people in it, and most people will appreciate this as art. In the time that this painting was made (1606/1608 –source-) no one made any fuss about it.

Then there is this painting, made in 1915 (-source-) by Adolf Heinrich Hansen:
 photo AdolfHeinrichHansen-MotherAndChildAtTheBeach_zpsca034c12.jpg
No one, except for the obvious, will have a problem with this scene where a mother and her child are at the beach. These days, when a photograph appears somewhere that shows the same basic image, many people will try to beat each other in shouting ‘child porn’. That’s wrong, as there is no porn in this picture. Just a nude child having a good time at the beach. I’m in Europe. When you go to a beach here you’ll see lots of small children running around naked, and nobody makes a fuss about it.

I’m glad that at least in paintings no censorship is used. Please, look at this and tell me if you think this option is brilliant:
Art censored
I’m quite convinced that it’s not. So why is harmless nudity (yes, nudity is harmless!) then so often censored in our modern age?

(Indeed, this is not a painting, but photography is a modern art-form.)

It’s all down to the excesses that the porn industry bestowed upon us, and the manners of extreme people that take things much too far. Because of them, the knights of morality put a stamp on anything that shows parts of a body that we ‘should be ashamed of’. Not only the sexually extreme are responsible for this, however. Overall hypocrisy which is often fuelled by religion and other factions also plays a part in it. It’s sad that the world desires so much ‘guidance’ in what’s acceptable in nudity. What happened to the common sense in morals?

Nudism and nature

I think that one of the biggest problems of today is that people are closed-minded “by nature”. By their environment, by the dogmas that are tossed onto them, by interpretations of religion, by the sad but true conviction that nudity is bad. “Sinful” even, as nudism/naturism these days is so often 1 on 1 connected to sex and porn, while it has nothing to do with that.

Being nude for no other reason than to be nude means being in direct and constant touch with your skin, and that again means being in touch with nature itself, something that most people these days seem to be scared of, or have forgotten/repressed. If something is not sterilised and wrapped in 3 layers of plastic, it’s unhealthy. Many kids in schools these days don’t dare to drink milk from a cow, because “real milk comes from the factory”. You don’t get your hands dirty any more, you wear gloves and a ton of protective clothing that needs to be cleaned afterwards.

Getting dirty when you’re nude means you wash yourself afterwards. That’s all there is to it. No attack on nature with the detergents needed for cleaning clothes, no disposable things (unless you need something to stay safe and/or in one piece).

Nude lumberjacks

There should nothing wrong with being naked, as long as others aren’t bothered by it. Let’s start with being nude in nature, in an uninhibited way. Everyone’s seen a naked body, and when you meet someone who’s nude you can see that this person literally has nothing to hide.