Vitamin D

Vitamin D? And here you are thinking that this is a blog about nudism. Well, it is. And vitamin D is an important part of nudism. Bear and bare with me. What does Wikipedia say about vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble secosteroids responsible for enhancing intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphate. In humans, the most important compounds in this group are vitamin D3 (also known as cholecalciferol) and vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol).

Okay, not very impressive nor clear. But when we also see this:

Although vitamin D is commonly called a vitamin, it is not actually an essential dietary vitamin in the strict sense, as it can be synthesized in adequate amounts by most mammals exposed to sunlight.

then things suddenly look different. Sunlight. A vitamin you get through sunlight? Wow, that’s easy “food” then! But – take notice. Exposed to sunlight doesn’t mean that your clothes take care of it. It’s the skin that picks up the sunlight and transforms that into vitamin D. Hey, do you see a link to nudism? The more skin is exposed to the sun, the more vitamin D you pick up without doing anything else than being out in the sun!

Working on vitamin D intake

As you see, there’s not much to taking in vitamins this way. It’s healthy, pleasurable and you can read something interesting too.

Active vitamin D intake!

You can, of course, also actively go about and enjoy the sunshine in another way.

An interesting observation in Medical News Today is: “People who are exposed to normal quantities of sunlight do not need vitamin D supplements because sunlight promotes sufficient vitamin D synthesis in the skin.” Again, this does require that the skin is exposed to take in the sunlight. The same web page also notes: “Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine found that higher vitamin D levels in healthy individuals have a significant impact on the genes that are involved in several biologic pathways associated with illnesses, including cancer, autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease and infectious diseases.”

And since we’re talking sunshine: did you know that sunscreen is one of the reasons that people get too little vitamin D even when they’re out in the sun? Sunscreen prevents the skin to take in the sunlight because of the UV blockers that it contains. You can go out in the sun without sunscreen, but only if you’re sensible about it.

  1. Stay inside on the hot part of the day. It’s too warm to do anything anyway, so take a nap or read something.
  2. Stay out of the sun during the noon hours when the sun is hottest. Also a parasol won’t help, UV goes through that.
  3. Get used to the sun in smaller doses. Don’t go from 0 to 60 in no time, give your skin time to start absorbing UV without getting burnt.

Sunburn is the reason for most skin cancers. Skin cancer happens least with people who have outside jobs; their skin is used to sunlight and has a resistance already. When you’re pale (and I look at myself too), take care. Don’t over do it. And then you won’t need sunscreen. If you need information from another place, have a look at Realfoodforager – why I stopped using sunscreen. Enjoy the sun, and show your skin. It’s beautiful.

Belfast photographer tells public to ‘wise up’ in wake of naked Cave Hill photo shoot | Irish News | IrishCentral

This is quoted from the site. Note that the underlined text is my doing – one of the fine moments of assumption happening again.

Belfast photographer tells public to ‘wise up’ in wake of naked Cave Hill photo shoot | Irish News | IrishCentral.

A glamor photographer has slammed the controversy surrounding the naked photo shoot of woman at a popular Belfast tourist attraction in broad daylight.
Ramblers were shocked when they came across a nude photo shoot at Cave Hill in Belfast a few weeks ago.
“She was posing on a rock and all sorts of poses, glamour sort of stuff,” one onlooker said. “I couldn’t see any detail from where I was but it was obvious it wasn’t anything tasteful.”

The offending evidence.

The blond model in front of the camera was later named as Hillsborough woman Nadine Poole. It is understood the mother-of-one has left Ireland until the controversy dies down.
Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland said he was “outraged” over the shoot, labelling it “totally inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour.”
The glamour model’s friend and photographer Stephen Duffin, who has snapped her on numerous occasions, told the Belfast Telegraph: “I think everyone needs to get a life.
“Everyone needs to wise up.
“There are very few other countries where this would even be a story.
“As for Nelson McCausland being outraged, I would like to think that he has more to occupy his time when there’s plenty in Northern Ireland that requires his attention.
“As we speak, there is no doubt a Belfast glamour shoot is happening somewhere outdoors — it really isn’t a big deal.”
Duffin has photographed Poole in revealing outfits at city landmarks including Victoria Square and Waterfront Hall.
“Nadine is a lovely girl and so unassuming and modest,” he said.
“When she’s not modeling she dresses really casually in tracksuits, jeans and flat shoes.
“Nadine has an amazing figure and she trains very hard to maintain that. If I was her I’d be very proud.”
He added: “There is a massive difference between a glamour or fine art photoshoot, and public indecency.
“I know what people are saying about Nadine’s Cave Hill shoot but from what I’ve heard it was a fine art shoot and I would love to see the images because I bet they are amazing.”

A nudist experience – by guest blogger Dean


“Hey, let’s take our clothes off”, he said.
“What for?” I asked.
“’Cause it’s more fun” he replied.
At six years old there was no thought of ulterior motives; it was just two close friends in the playroom, while their mothers held a tea party in the garden. We still carried on with whatever games we were playing, only now we were naked. Jeff was right, it was more fun. And a lot more comfortable.
I have always had very sensitive skin, as well as an allergy to anything wool. Getting dressed in the morning was a bit traumatic for me, because most clothing in the day was made of natural materials. Synthetics came out a few years later, but at the time wool seemed to be the fabric of choice. All my socks were woolen, the school had a dress code that included grey flannels (I still itch just thinking about them) and a starched white shirt (ouch!). And they all wondered why I had concentration issues. Of course at “sleepy” time, I got to slip into my flannel pajamas…what a treat! My mother never knew that once tucked in and “nighty-nights” were exchanged, I would slip out of those PJs and hide them under the bed.
Blue jeans had to be washed three or four times before they started to become bearable. New, they were like slipping into plywood. So Jeff had shown me another way to live; comfortably. I became the one to suggest to friends that we take our clothes off “because it was more fun”, and most were willing to try.
Once puberty arrived the whole dynamic changed, of course, but I still had a group of friends who made the distinction between innocent nudity and “show and tell”. We would all go on camping trips where naked activity was integral, and skinny dipping was anticipated and frequent. (As were the requisite farting contests, but that’s for another blog ) 😉
Eventually we all separated and went our own ways as adulthood and responsibility arrived, and by then synthetics were very popular and a lot more comfortable. (I still have shivers thinking of the eczema on the soles of my feet). But I have very fond memories of the freedom I was able to experience, thanks to Jeff’s suggestion that it was more fun.
I suppose the purpose of this missive is to try to clarify the “ist” and “ism” attached to my being. I don’t really qualify as “naturist”; I happily eat meat and tofu makes me barf. I don’t know if “nudist” really fits either, as I don’t see my nakedness as a lifestyle choice so much as a simple comfort issue. I suppose I would call myself a “gymnophile”; someone who likes to be naked. And, of course, in the company of others it’s always “more fun”.

Mijn vakantie, deel 3. De macht van de naakte mens.

De kracht van de naakte mens? Oh jazeker!

Het is heel interessant om te zien hoeveel geklede mensen er niet gewend zijn om een zelfbewuste naakte persoon tegen te komen. Ik heb heel wat strandwandelingen gemaakt bij Corralejo (Fuerteventura):

Alle stranden in Spanje (de Canarische eilanden zijn spaans grondgebied) zijn vrij toegankelijk voor naakte alsook geklede mensen. Dat is erg opvallend voor een streng katholiek land. maar een zegen voor de mensen die liever niets aanhebben dan hun huid en goede zin. Gedurende elke wandeling zag ik veel geklede mensen (varierend van lange broeken en shirts met lange mouwen tot de meest minuscule zwemfrommels die niks verbergen). Veel van die mensen proberen uiteraard ‘onopvallend’ te kijken naar de naturisten die voorbij komen. Niet meer dan te verwachten.

Ik merkte ook dat als je op je gemak doorwandelt en die mensen gewoon aankijkt, dat ze heel snel hun ogen afwenden en het zand onder hun voeten of iets vaags in de verte opeens heel interessant vinden. Sommigen kijken ook strak vooruit en weigeren te accepteren dat jij daar naakt rondloopt. Dat was echt interessant.

Het merendeel van de naaktstranden die ik heb bezocht werden vermeden door geklede zonaanbidders, dus was dit een heel aparte ervaring.

Iets van een heel andere orde was toen een engels-sprekend gezin op me af kwam, 2 ouders en een dochter van rond de 14. De moeder liep voorop en zei opeens “Kijk naar de zee, Suzy, kijk naar de zee.” Ja hoor, een poging om te voorkomen dat het meisje mij zag. Toen stopte haar vader en zei: “Jij hebt geen schaamte he?”Ik vroeg hem “Schaamte waarvoor?”
“Omdat je niks aanhebt!” was zijn antwoord.
Mijn reactie was: “Jij hebt geen schaamte, he?” Dat verrastte hem. “Jij hebt geen schaamte, omdat je aanneemt dat jouw manier van leven de enig juiste is.” Toen liep ik weg.

Sommige mensen…

My vacation, part 3. The power of the nude person.

Power of the nude person? Oh yes, absolutely.

It’s very interesting to see how much dressed people are not used to meeting a self-conscious naked person. I’ve done plenty of walks along the beach at Corralejo (Fuerteventura):

All beaches in Spain (the Canary Islands are part of Spain) are freely accessible to nude as well as clothed people. This is remarkable for a very strict Catholic country, but a blessing for people who like to wear nothing but their skin and a good mood. During each of those walks I saw lots of dressed people (clothed in any degree, from full long pants and shirts to the skimpiest of bathing suits that hide absolutely nothing). Many of those people would of course try to sneak a peek at the nude people sauntering along. Of course they do, they don’t know better.

I found also that, when you walk along and look at these people like you would look at anyone else, they’d quickly avert their eyes and suddenly find the sand in front of them or something in the far distance extremely fascinating. Some will also stare straight ahead and pretend you’re not there. That was very interesting to see.

Most of the nude beaches I’ve been to were shunned by clothed sunbathers, so this was quite a fun experience.

Something of an entirely different order happened when an English speaking family of three came walking towards me, parents and a daughter of about fourteen. The mother, walking in front, suddenly said “Look to the sea, Suzy, look to the sea.” Yes, it was an attempt to make the girl not see me. She however grinned at me quickly. Then her father stopped and said to me: “You have no shame, have you?”
I asked him: “Shame about what?”
“For not wearing any clothes,” was his reply.
My response was: “You have no shame, have you?” It surprised him. “You have no shame, assuming that your way of life is the only proper way,” I told him and walked off.

The nerve some people have…

This morning

Last night we had a lot of rain. When I woke up I heard a strange sound outside, a kind of splashing. That’s odd because the drainpipe that runs outside my apartment has a few openings next to it, Excess water can flow out through that. Splashing means that there is water not flowing away. As it was quite early (around 4:15am, thanks to the switch back to winter time, which for Americans is the end of DST), I went out to have a look.

Hah, Autumn had provided a lot of small leaves that clogged the additional drain holes! I went out in the rain, in the nude, and took care of the leaves and some dirt that clogged the drain holes. After that, the water disappeared quickly. I threw away the leaves and then all I needed was a towel to undo what the rain had done to me. It hadn’t felt cold (13c / 55F) at all. It felt very good to do it like that – getting dressed to get your clothes soaked and icky is such a strange idea. An umbrella was out of the question as the wind was very strong – and I needed my hands to clean out the drainage hols.

At that time the chance of someone being out and about was less than minimal, so I didn’t feel like I would risk offending someone being outside naked. Truly, it was the best thing I could have done. Naked outside on the gallery, feeling the early morning rain on my skin without being cold, and fixing the drainage problem, all in one go.

Book review – Naturist, Red in Tooth and Claw

This is a book review of Naturist, Red in Tooth and Claw by Stuart Pitsligo

I bought this book from Smashwords as it deals with naturism and the short description looked interesting.

Information from Smashwords: Price: $1.54.
Approx. 51,070 words.
Language: English.
Published on December 31, 2011.
Category: Fiction.


The good things: The book tells about horrible murders taking place in the Scottish Highlands. A group of friends get together and discover a shocking truth. The story also has a serious approach to naturism (nudism if you like), and how a man learns to appreciate the lifestyle.

The not so good things: The book’s story and pace is very good, but it looks as if Mr. Pitsligo wrote it and then immediately published it. Some proofreading and editing would do this book a lot of good.

Mijn vakantie, deel 2. Stranden.

Dit is deel 2. Heb je deel 1 gemist, dan vind je dat hier.

Gedurende mijn vakantie in het naturistenhotel Gran Hotel Natura op Fuerteventura ben ik een keer naar het stadje gewandeld om er een kijkje te nemen. Dat moest dan wel gekleed, maar ja, als je wat wilt moet je soms concessies doen. Na een bezoek aan het voormalige vissers-stadje (het is niet erg groot, en tegenwoordig erg toeristisch) besloot ik langs het strand terug te gaan. Daar waren heel wat zonaanbidders aanwezig. En opeens realiseerde ik me dat heel wat van de badpakken idioot waren:

Iedereen op de stranden probeert zoveel mogelijk huid bloot te stellen aan de zon, voor een mooi kleurtje, maar het merendeel doet dezelfde rare en ook zwakke poging om ‘binnen de grenzen van netheid’ te blijven. Ze dragen zulke kleine bad-frommeltjes dat het niet mogelijk is om te verbergen wat hoe dan ook al duidelijk aanwezig is. En als je dan meemaakt hoeveel geld daarvoor wordt betaald… In mijn idee, als ze waar voor hun geld willen, dan moeten ze terug naar de echt ouderwetse badpakken.

Dan slaat het nog ergens op. Wat ze nu doen (of proberen) druist tegen alle wetten van gezond verstand in, volgens mij.