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We all know that Facebook isn’t the place where naturist topics and images are welcome. More than lots of people I know have been kicked out of there and it’s not going to get any better there soon.

Google+ is among the places where naturism is getting a harder shoulder too: my account there was once jailed for a month already and a few days ago I was notified that it will be suspended indefinitely. The reason, again, was pornographic and sexually explicit content. After the account had been restored the first time I hardly posted anything there. Last week’s Sunday Noon Nudist however was what broke the camel’s back it seems.

They are probably right. It is hard to find something more sexually explicit than a naked woman climbing out of the water after a swim. Outside even!

I’ll miss all the people at G+ but I’m never going back there. It’s not worth having an account in a place where you can’t be who you are. For now Twitter, Tumblr and the Nook will be my places of choice. And this blog/website of course.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

6 thoughts on “Anti-social media”

  1. It’s a shame that society and media can be so shocked with a nude body. That photo is as innocent as it can be. Why is skinny dipping such a no no? Sorry to hear about your Google+ account. Take care. Fabien

  2. Paul,

    This is sad for us nudists who just want to share the lifestyle and its benefits openly! Our society is SO messed up (especially in USA)! I wish the laws in USA did not prohibit simple nudity in the sunshine and fresh air taking walks and being with friends of like mind. But I have to agree with you that even NUDE art or sculpture is considered pornographic! I can certainly appreciate nude paintings, nude sculpture and nude photography without considering it being pornographic or lustful in nature. I would simply like to live my life naturally and be at peace with my neighbors and with God himself. I hope you will give website info for Nook and the other social media sites that are friendly to nudism and nudists! Please keep your blog going because I enjoy reading what you have to share in words and pictures or videos!
    Your Nudist Friend and Supporter in USA,

    1. Thanks, Patrick. I am not going to give up this site. This is mine and no Facebroke or Google- can take that away from me!

  3. I never had a Facebook account and I have stopped using Google+. I don’t like Facebook’s selling of personal information and censoring and G+ is full of trolls pushing their political agenda of greater restriction of freedoms for gov’t control by elitist crooks and liars that have brainwashed Americans into believing their agenda. What does this have to do with naturism and social media?

    It is this same behavior that prevents us from the healthy and natural discussion of naturism. The elitist social agenda is forced on us in the name of equality while they see it as more votes, yet we cannot publically enjoy and discuss something that is as natural as the Earth itself. Companies like Google and Facebook are in lock step with this agenda.

    For the time being we still have Twitter, Tumblr, and our websites until the Net Neutrality provisions are gradually implemented that let the FCC determine “lawful content.” When this happens we will be limited to websites located outside the U.S. where a healthier attitude towards nudity exists. Despite what may happen in the courts and Congress, I’m pushing companies like G+ to allow communities and discussions on naturism and nudity. I know that most of us just want to exist in peace to enjoy nature but if we don’t protect our rights they will be taken away.

    1. It’s indeed a sad world we live in. The so-called social media are getting less and less social. If things get really bad I will move my site away from the US hosting where it’s located now.

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