Driving in Germany. Naked

Did you know that driving naked in Germany is not forbidden? Now there’s no law that actually states you can drive around naked but as long as you’re able to drive your vehicle in a safe and controlled manner you’re fine.nackt im auto

You may have a problem on your hands when you’re in an accident and you weren’t wearing footwear. Breaking hard can be painful on bare feet, this makes you were not able to drive your car safely and that’s where “the shoe hurts” then.

Note that this is only applicable for being inside your car. Once you get out you should either be dressed or in a place where you can’t offend other people by being naked (for instance a spot where there are no people, or in a nudist area).

Author: Paul

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7 thoughts on “Driving in Germany. Naked”

  1. I love driving nude, however I always wear foot wear. Often times I look for place to get off the road to take nude photos, like at an abandoned farm house or an old car in a field. One of the problems that does arise is finding a place to get dressed at times once you are near your destination.

  2. I ride a Harley Davidson with a Sidecar. I’ve done it many times. With a passenger on the back, and One in the Sidecar.

  3. I’ve taken to driving naked while I travel to the local Nudist resort, and last time out, all the way home, and I’ve found that it isn’t so much a turn-on as feeling free, I have my lava-lava(Samoan Wrap) handy for any quick cover ups, but I look around, and not many drivers actually pay attention to whats going on around them. Staying Nude in Washington

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