A naked vacation-hike

A few weeks ago I was on vacation in the US of A. It was a great vacation. I had planned to get to the nude beach near the Golden Gate Bridge but that didn’t happen, alas. However, on my wanderings I happened to reach Reyes Point Station, about an hour north of San Francisco. The weather was amazing, there were no people around on the parking location and so I decided to have a little walk around.

Point Reyes 1As you can see, the weather was absolutely stunning. The trail was very winding, going up and down a lot as well.

Good thing I didn’t have any clothes on because the temperature there easily reached 78F (26 C) and that’s quickly too warm for serious hiking around. My lack of attire made the whole thing a very pleasant experience though.

Of course there was a spot where I put something on: at the end of the first trail (called the Jepson trail) there was a large parking lot with dressed people and cars. I don’t want to make others feel uncomfortable around naked people so I covered myself.

Point Reyes 2No one noticed anything because of that. Okay, it’s a sad state of affairs that naked hikers have to go through that but it wasn’t for more than a few minutes. I was once more impressed (in a bad way) how very warm you get inside clothes, walking over a stretch of asphalt to the start of the next trail.

Once on that trail (called the Johnstone trail), another winding, climbing affair, I was out of the fabrics quickly. Once again no one on that trail (I guess most people around there don’t like to walk around in nature, not even dressed) and I went on my merry, nude way. It was an even better trail than Jepson as it was longer and nature was at its best.

If you ever feel like having a cool walk (I walked about 3.5 miles/5km), that is definitely a good spot to do it. “Parking” marks where I parked my car, the parking with the people is at the top where the two trails connect to the ‘hook’.)

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

12 thoughts on “A naked vacation-hike”

  1. WOW !! You think 78* is hot ? That would be a cool day for us here in Oklahoma were it is usually closer to the 85*- 95* range when we hike. Personally the hotter the better for us, we just carry lots of water.

    1. The fun detail is that I am not from Oklahoma. 😉
      Where I live it’s not been over 65F/19C for weeks, most of the time it was far lower. When I came home it was 12C/53F. Compared to being used to that, 78F is hot, trust me. You’d probably freeze here. 😉

      1. Oh yes we can totally relate, my wife is from Wisconsin a very northern state and she has often stated that 70* is a summer day !! ..lol

  2. I hope she’s naturist too, that way you’re totally in tune with each other : ) Meeting on a island, that’s romantic : )

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