Nudism in fiction. Do we need more of it?

After writing “Naked Crow”, an urban fantasy that involves naturism I’m thinking about a science fiction that involves naturism.
What do you, visitors of this blog, think of that idea?

Worth pursuing or should I just forget it?

For those not familiar with “Naked Crow”, please have a look at this Smashwords page (more stores to come!).

Will your new year be a nude year?

Good morning.

I wish everyone the best for the new year. That’s a given but never should be left unsaid.

How do you see your new year? If you’re a not nudist or naturist already, will you consider it? I know it’s against the ideas of relaxation and even those of ‘normality’ of many people, but what is normal? When cars were invented not many people thought they’d be safe to use, that there was no better means of transport than a horse-drawn cart. And look at the world now: hundreds, thousands, millions of cars. Maybe you think that naturism is a fad from the last few years: it isn’t. According to Wikilpedia:

The earliest known naturist club in the “western” sense of the word was established in British India in 1891. The ‘Fellowship of the Naked Trust’ was founded by Charles Edward Gordon Crawford.

Even older references can be found on this website:

In ancient Greece in the eighth century BC, the sports were practiced by stripped men, and during the Roman Empire, from centuries II to IV, everyone, without distinction of sex or social class, used to bath nude in public baths.

That’s much longer ago than the invention of cars, and yet cars are accepted and the naked body, with whom everyone is born, still isn’t. Or rather: isn’t any more. It’s really very strange.

What’s a home nudist?

A lot of people are nude around their own house but don’t consider themselves to be “nudists”.  Typically it is because they misunderstand what the term means.

Some people believe what the porn and conservative religious groups define nudism  as — lust-filled, hedonistic voyeurs and exhibitionists that engage in orgies and all kinds of public sex.  That’s just a flat out lie so the porn industry can make money and religious groups can maintain control.

Nudists are simply more comfortable nude. They don’t see the nude human body as inherently sexual or lewd. Sometimes they are comfortable nude around others (social nudists), but sometimes they prefer to be nude alone or with their family at home (home nudists).

What are you? Are you comfortable being nude around your own home? Then you are a home nudist. Are you comfortable nude around others? Then you are a social nudist!

If you are a home nudist but haven’t given social nudism a try, you should. There are many people like you out here who are looking for wholesome, family-friendly nude recreation with others like yourself!

If you have questions, please let us know!  We’d be happy to answer them!

Promoting wholesome, family-friendly nude recreation in the Heartland since 1982.

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Zita dans la peau d’une nudiste

Zita in the skin of a nudist.

Yes, this is French. And unfortunately the below video has no subtitles in English, because it’s one hour of film that is worth watching. Zita, a lady from France who tries out all kinds of things, decided to live life as a naturist for a while. She visits a naturist resort in the French Ardeche for a week, then she moves on to Cap d’Agde, then it’s onwards to another naturist area. After a visit to a “naturist militant” in Bruxelles, she finishes off her tour of nudism at the London edition of the World Naked Bike Ride. If you feel like watching, enjoy.

Naked Crow. A book on naturism.

Yes, I’ve done it. I’ve written a book that features naturism, and I did my best to put it in a positive light. It’s also a fantasy book. The book’s written, but not finished as I still need to spell-check, edit and so forth. I did make a cover for it already, and here’s a preview for you:

Cover of “Naked Crow”

The text for the back-matter I’ve come up with so far:

Sheila is a dental assistant with an normal life, until one of her friends goes missing and the police face a mystery. Her friend Josy went missing in a naturist resort and there is no trace of her. Sheila, who discovers a special ability within herself, decides to find Josy herself, but for that she will have to go into the naturist resort – and shed her clothes!

(As this is an entirely different genre than what I usually write, I chose to use a pen name for this one.)

Why this book? There are not enough books that feature naturism and nudism, and certainly not enough of them that put the subject in a positive light. I got the idea after reading a great story that does (Naturist, red in tooth and claw, link goes to my review of it).

I hope to make a bit of a difference with this book. I’ll keep you posted when it’s out there.

My vacation, part 3. The power of the nude person.

Power of the nude person? Oh yes, absolutely.

It’s very interesting to see how much dressed people are not used to meeting a self-conscious naked person. I’ve done plenty of walks along the beach at Corralejo (Fuerteventura):

All beaches in Spain (the Canary Islands are part of Spain) are freely accessible to nude as well as clothed people. This is remarkable for a very strict Catholic country, but a blessing for people who like to wear nothing but their skin and a good mood. During each of those walks I saw lots of dressed people (clothed in any degree, from full long pants and shirts to the skimpiest of bathing suits that hide absolutely nothing). Many of those people would of course try to sneak a peek at the nude people sauntering along. Of course they do, they don’t know better.

I found also that, when you walk along and look at these people like you would look at anyone else, they’d quickly avert their eyes and suddenly find the sand in front of them or something in the far distance extremely fascinating. Some will also stare straight ahead and pretend you’re not there. That was very interesting to see.

Most of the nude beaches I’ve been to were shunned by clothed sunbathers, so this was quite a fun experience.

Something of an entirely different order happened when an English speaking family of three came walking towards me, parents and a daughter of about fourteen. The mother, walking in front, suddenly said “Look to the sea, Suzy, look to the sea.” Yes, it was an attempt to make the girl not see me. She however grinned at me quickly. Then her father stopped and said to me: “You have no shame, have you?”
I asked him: “Shame about what?”
“For not wearing any clothes,” was his reply.
My response was: “You have no shame, have you?” It surprised him. “You have no shame, assuming that your way of life is the only proper way,” I told him and walked off.

The nerve some people have…

Book review – Naturist, Red in Tooth and Claw

This is a book review of Naturist, Red in Tooth and Claw by Stuart Pitsligo

I bought this book from Smashwords as it deals with naturism and the short description looked interesting.

Information from Smashwords: Price: $1.54.
Approx. 51,070 words.
Language: English.
Published on December 31, 2011.
Category: Fiction.


The good things: The book tells about horrible murders taking place in the Scottish Highlands. A group of friends get together and discover a shocking truth. The story also has a serious approach to naturism (nudism if you like), and how a man learns to appreciate the lifestyle.

The not so good things: The book’s story and pace is very good, but it looks as if Mr. Pitsligo wrote it and then immediately published it. Some proofreading and editing would do this book a lot of good.

Naturism in the Netherlands


Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature. It’s characterised by common nudity, which has as goal the improvement of self-respect, respect for others and reverence for nature and the environment.

This is the modern Dutch definition of naturism. Naturism in the Netherlands; when did it start? Naturism and nudism is not something of the last decade. In fact, in the Netherlands it started around the 1930s. This followed the early naturist movement in Germany which apparently is the foundation of modern naturism and nudism to date. Continue reading “Naturism in the Netherlands”

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