Book review. Aglow, by Will Forest.

This is an amazing book. It took me long to read it. No, I don’t usually read slowly but there is so much in this book to think about that I took time for that. Why would I run through an amazing story, past great reflections and texts when I can stroll through all that, sit down and look at it all, and think about it? That’s what I did with this book.

The story plays in Mexico and Latin America. Key components in this story are a written codex with a secret, a strange necklace with figurines, and the main actors Zé and Marisol. ‘Aglow’ is a great addition to the Naturist Library because it brings forward the reason and benefit of social nudity very well.

I don’t know how to say more about this book without going in at the deep end to spoil it all for you. I can just say: get it and read it. And enjoy.


Book review: the “Volunteer”


Did you notice the quotes around Volunteer?

This was a very entertaining and good book. I love the subject: a girl being recruited as a ‘volunteer’ in a project on public nudity. I won’t spoil the story for you.

The book was well written, easy to follow and it kept its pace all through the story. The challenges Danielle has to overcome are quite intriguing and in ways even eye-opening. If you appreciate a book that deal with public nudity on a proper level, the “Volunteer” is for you.

You can find the Kindle edition of this book following this link.

A book review

Here’s a book review. I don’t only write them, I also read them.

Who is this naked lady – and what have they done with my wife?

who is this naked lady

This is the first book by Wallace M. Greensage. I enjoyed reading it. It’s not the genre I write (no fantasy, no scifi) but a real life, modern day story that could happen for real. We meet a couple who are strangers to nudism and who are on their vacation on a fictional island. The island is described very well – it made me want to move there and spend all my days at Barcelona Beach. As you might expect there’s some nudism involved in the story, and also mention of naked people like us and the things we don’t do (contrary to what textile lovers suspect us to do).

The story has a nice twist that has to do with a rather nasty man and his companions who make the vacation of the couple less fun than they had expected. Does it end well? I’ll leave that open so you can enjoy the story yourself.

starMy rating for this book: 4 stars out of 5.

You can find the e-book on Amazon and of course

Naked Crow – great reviews


Naked Crow CoverI’m going to toot my own horn here for a bit, just because I’m so proud. I just found a number of reviews on my first naturist book “Naked Crow”.

On someone called it an “unusual nudist story” and ends the review with the words:

If you do not normally read stories dealing with nudity as a theme, I strongly encourage you to read this one book. I believe you will be surprised what you think about nudity and nudism after you finish reading this book!

You might find that deep inside you are a nudist and don’t realize it until now. Enjoy this fun read anyway. I think you will enjoy the story! Invest three dollars to see if what I have told you in my review is true!!

I also found 2 reviews on, both of them stating nice words about my book. I’m very proud now, and happy that I sat down to write this book. I had never thought that people would take an interest in it, but this encourages me even more to write a second book about Sheila and her friends at the Mighty Oaks resort.

Book review – Naturist, Red in Tooth and Claw

This is a book review of Naturist, Red in Tooth and Claw by Stuart Pitsligo

I bought this book from Smashwords as it deals with naturism and the short description looked interesting.

Information from Smashwords: Price: $1.54.
Approx. 51,070 words.
Language: English.
Published on December 31, 2011.
Category: Fiction.


The good things: The book tells about horrible murders taking place in the Scottish Highlands. A group of friends get together and discover a shocking truth. The story also has a serious approach to naturism (nudism if you like), and how a man learns to appreciate the lifestyle.

The not so good things: The book’s story and pace is very good, but it looks as if Mr. Pitsligo wrote it and then immediately published it. Some proofreading and editing would do this book a lot of good.

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