What’s a home nudist?

A lot of people are nude around their own house but don’t consider themselves to be “nudists”.  Typically it is because they misunderstand what the term means.

Some people believe what the porn and conservative religious groups define nudism  as — lust-filled, hedonistic voyeurs and exhibitionists that engage in orgies and all kinds of public sex.  That’s just a flat out lie so the porn industry can make money and religious groups can maintain control.

Nudists are simply more comfortable nude. They don’t see the nude human body as inherently sexual or lewd. Sometimes they are comfortable nude around others (social nudists), but sometimes they prefer to be nude alone or with their family at home (home nudists).

What are you? Are you comfortable being nude around your own home? Then you are a home nudist. Are you comfortable nude around others? Then you are a social nudist!

If you are a home nudist but haven’t given social nudism a try, you should. There are many people like you out here who are looking for wholesome, family-friendly nude recreation with others like yourself!

If you have questions, please let us know!  We’d be happy to answer them!


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3 thoughts on “What’s a home nudist?”

  1. I am currently a home nudist. I enjoy going without clothing during the day. It has become a “normal” thing for me. The comfort of being nude if fantastic. I’m glad I tried this and glad I did. My wife on the other hand will never be a nudist. She barely comes out of the bedroom naked. As for social nudity, I have never tried it. I would like to try, but I know my wife wouldn’t have anything to do with it. So right now I am a home nudist.

    1. Life is giving and taking. If she ‘takes it’ that you can be nude in your home, and you ‘give’ that she doesn’t want to try nudism, then you still have a good deal, I’d say.

  2. I enjoy spending time around the house naked. I haven’t owned a pair of pyjamas since I was 18. So never wear anything at night and if the weather is warm enough don’t bother to dress until necessary. I also enjoy social nudity and have spent a few pleasant days at nudist clubs in this country but mostly enjoy the clothing optional beaches in the Canary Islands with my wife who although not a whole hearted nudist usually goes naked. I love freedom of being without swimwear on the beach and particularly in the water. I discovered the dlights of swimming naked at school where under thirteens wore nothing during swimming lessons. That is where I became hooked on going naked.

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