There’s probably a name for people like this…

Bare-chested bike rideI was riding my bike exactly like this. Shorts and sandals. You’ll have to believe me on the sandals. Some guy stopped me and asked, “Why are you riding around half naked?”

I said, “Because entirely naked isn’t legal, and that again is because of people like you.”

“No, not people like me,” he claimed.

“Right. So if I take off my shorts and ride on naked, that’s fine with you?”

Appalled look: “No!! Of course not!!”

Point made.

The dressed want to be offended…

Naked_humanIt’s true. The dressed are always looking for ways to be offended, like the overly religious people. Perhaps unconsciously but they do. A while ago I was out on the bicycle. Good weather for it, be it a bit warm and stuffy. At some point at a deserted side trail I decided to stop, take off the few things I had on and walk around au naturel for a little  to cool off and enjoy the bit of wind on my skin. Of course at that moment two elderly people cycled past the trail and caught a glimpse of me. I saw that they saw me. Oh well.

They came back and got off their bicycles. The man said, “You don’t do that.”
Me: “Sorry, you probably mean that YOU don’t do this. I do.”
Man: “You can’t do that. People can see you. You’re not normal.”
I told him that I had the law on my side as this was not a public road. Then I asked if it bothered them that I was naked. (I wasn’t making any moves to get dressed.) Man: “Yes, it bothers us.”
Me: “Does it bother you more now you see all of me than when you happened to come by?”Man: “Yes. Of course.”
Me: “Well, then you should not have come back.” At that they both looked very confused… I doubt they understood.

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