There’s probably a name for people like this…

Bare-chested bike rideI was riding my bike exactly like this. Shorts and sandals. You’ll have to believe me on the sandals. Some guy stopped me and asked, “Why are you riding around half naked?”

I said, “Because entirely naked isn’t legal, and that again is because of people like you.”

“No, not people like me,” he claimed.

“Right. So if I take off my shorts and ride on naked, that’s fine with you?”

Appalled look: “No!! Of course not!!”

Point made.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “There’s probably a name for people like this…”

  1. Paul, I find this discussion with the man who asked the question quite unusual and disturbing in a way. I am not sure about all countries about males being bare-chested in public but here in USA I don’t know of any law against a man showing his nipples in public. It is accepted here and nobody thinks twice about it. Now if his penis and balls were visible in public he would be subject to arrest. People say crazy things when they just open their mouths without thinking. I liked your statement in answer and it probably made the man think when he walked on past you. Oh well, SOMETIMES you just have to chuckle to yourself and think DUH!!!

  2. No matter where you go, there will always be someone who is “offended” by the sight of a bare-chested man. I live in a mostly retiree RV park in Florida, and there is at least one woman who is “offended” by me walking and riding my bicycle bare-chested. We get our mail in the clubhouse, and I am not the first man to be told that men have to have a shirt on…just to check our mail. It would be one thing if the office, which is in the clubhouse, was always open, but it isn’t, particularly during the summer. I can be in and out of there in under thirty-seconds if all I am doing is checking my mail.

    There is a name for that kind of person – PRUDE!!!

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