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Naked Crow Cover - Fantasy


Naked Crow CoverI’m going to toot my own horn here for a bit, just because I’m so proud. I just found a number of reviews on my first naturist book “Naked Crow”.

On someone called it an “unusual nudist story” and ends the review with the words:

If you do not normally read stories dealing with nudity as a theme, I strongly encourage you to read this one book. I believe you will be surprised what you think about nudity and nudism after you finish reading this book!

You might find that deep inside you are a nudist and don’t realize it until now. Enjoy this fun read anyway. I think you will enjoy the story! Invest three dollars to see if what I have told you in my review is true!!

I also found 2 reviews on, both of them stating nice words about my book. I’m very proud now, and happy that I sat down to write this book. I had never thought that people would take an interest in it, but this encourages me even more to write a second book about Sheila and her friends at the Mighty Oaks resort.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

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    1. My books are all over the place. Amazon, smashwords, Barnes & Noble etc. And the first few (not sure how many as I keep forgetting to publish them there) are also on Google Books.

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