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Here’s a book review. I don’t only write them, I also read them.

Who is this naked lady – and what have they done with my wife?

who is this naked lady

This is the first book by Wallace M. Greensage. I enjoyed reading it. It’s not the genre I write (no fantasy, no scifi) but a real life, modern day story that could happen for real. We meet a couple who are strangers to nudism and who are on their vacation on a fictional island. The island is described very well – it made me want to move there and spend all my days at Barcelona Beach. As you might expect there’s some nudism involved in the story, and also mention of naked people like us and the things we don’t do (contrary to what textile lovers suspect us to do).

The story has a nice twist that has to do with a rather nasty man and his companions who make the vacation of the couple less fun than they had expected. Does it end well? I’ll leave that open so you can enjoy the story yourself.

starMy rating for this book: 4 stars out of 5.

You can find the e-book on Amazon and of course Amazon.co.uk.

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