Change what you can

We all want the entire world to become naturist. Or at least, that the entire world accepts naturists as sane and full members of society. We don’t want to be seen as weirdos, or – even worse – perverts and child molesters.

By now we all know that it’s easy to reach the entire world, because we have this crazy little thing called Internet. At the same time, we should realise that it’s not possible to change the entire world. Some folks will want to listen. Others are stuck in their ways and ruts so deeply that no mammoth tanker or Kenworth truck can pull them out of it.

Change... loading...

It’s important to know where our boundaries are. Not in the way of self-limiting where we want to and can be nude in nature, but in the way of recognising who we can (try to) change (as in perspective about nudity) and who’s beyond help / hope.

Some people will keep running into the same wall forever, hoping to bring it down. Kudos for determination, but minus several hundred points for smart, because it is a waste of energy and time. Energy and time that can better be used to be nude with others, to enjoy the time we have. It’s also possible that such determination will have an adverse effect on that wall (those people who don’t want to see our ways). The people who keep trying will be seen as annoying, pests and other bad things, which is not helping the reputation of naturists anywhere. “The wall” has access to this crazy little Internet as well, and they can spread anti-propaganda towards naturism.

P.Z. Walker
P.Z. Walker

So let’s be smart about this whole ‘conversion’ thing. Don’t go out of your way trying to change everything and everyone.

Go where it’s convenient, where you have a proper chance for change. Let that do its work, because the more people are in a specific mindset, the more overall consciousness will shift. That shift will be slow, and we may not see the definitive change, but it will happen if we do this the smart way.

Podcast. No such thing…

You may wonder what this is all about. Well… this is a bit about naturism.

The team of ‘No such thing as a fish‘ (which is a very entertaining British podcast) talks about facts they discovered in the past week. And fact number 1 in the above episode is… naturism.

Feel free to stop listening after the naturism part of this podcast, or not to listen to it at all (the section is about 12 minutes long), but I thought it worthwhile to share it here. I learnt a few facts about Eastern Germany naturism I didn’t know.

Oh, just in case there are sensitive people here: the team doing this podcast does not bleep out words as <bleep> or <bleep>, so proceed and listen at your own risk. Also the word ‘penis’ will be mentioned.

Skin care

It’s amazing how much money goes around in skin care. There are lotions, powders and even complete clinics for skin care. It’s almost shocking.

Skin care products.
Skin care products

And all that is considered normal.

The weird thing is that – and we know this – the majority of people neglect the biggest part of that skin. The stuff in the image is for hands, faces or ankles, and occasionally there’s something for the entire body. All of them money-makers. Chemicals.

How lucky are we that we know a good way to avoid (to a degree?) those things, simply by taking off our clothes and giving our skin the option to breathe. To catch sunlight.

Nudists in the sun
Nudists in the sun

It doesn’t take much, does it? It takes very little, even. Just a spot where it’s okay to undress. And, I admit, something we don’t control: the weather has to play along.

Sure, being careful in the sun is important. No one likes sun burns. No one like skin cancer. Being smart about those things isn’t that hard, is it?

I think this is a much better way to care for one’s skin than the version with the dozen bottles of stuff that people put on themselves.

Do you have ways to care for your skin, other than what I put up here? I’m not a specialist, you know, and always willing to learn.

Keep your skin safe, people. It’s your ultimate home.


Not reading but legibility

I have a question to the people who buy the paperback versions of my stories. Not a difficult one, but I hope you want to be honest about it.

Last week I put this image on twitter:

Jinn paperback

It looks good.

But… I wonder if you, dear and valued reader, feel good about the inside. And specifically about the font size used.

Simply put: do you find the pages easy to read?

I could bore you with all kinds of technical things, but that is not the reason for this post. I would just like to know if you feel the used font could be a tad larger.

If yes, when you think that makes the pages a bit easier to read, I need to point out that this will have an impact on the size of the book. A book will grow by a few pages if I change the size of the font. Not dramatically, but it might add a few dimes to the price of the book.

For that reason also, I would like to know if you´re fine with the books they are now, of if you would like the size of the letters a bit larger.

Don´t be afraid that I will laugh, this is a serious question. Reading should be a joy, not something that costs too much or be done with a magnifying glass.

Thank you in advance all for your comments. (And in case you were waiting for the paperback of Jinn to come out, you can find it here.)


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