Not reading but legibility

I have a question to the people who buy the paperback versions of my stories. Not a difficult one, but I hope you want to be honest about it.

Last week I put this image on twitter:

Jinn paperback

It looks good.

But… I wonder if you, dear and valued reader, feel good about the inside. And specifically about the font size used.

Simply put: do you find the pages easy to read?

I could bore you with all kinds of technical things, but that is not the reason for this post. I would just like to know if you feel the used font could be a tad larger.

If yes, when you think that makes the pages a bit easier to read, I need to point out that this will have an impact on the size of the book. A book will grow by a few pages if I change the size of the font. Not dramatically, but it might add a few dimes to the price of the book.

For that reason also, I would like to know if you´re fine with the books they are now, of if you would like the size of the letters a bit larger.

Don´t be afraid that I will laugh, this is a serious question. Reading should be a joy, not something that costs too much or be done with a magnifying glass.

Thank you in advance all for your comments. (And in case you were waiting for the paperback of Jinn to come out, you can find it here.)


Author: Paul

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4 thoughts on “Not reading but legibility”

  1. I’m a digital reader, and I found JINN (# 11), a great book. The cover did take be back a bit, I guess the art of he Jinn was a tad “off”, but I can’t quite describe why. Must be just me. Again, I loved the book, and hope that your writing hand (or your mind) never wavers. Thanks

    1. Thank you, Pete. The cover was difficult. I can have custom covers made, but each one would set me back between $350 and $600, which is a tad steep. I always do my best and hope that the stories make up for it. 🙂

      I’ve started Naked Crow 12… so there is more to come!

  2. Hi Paul:
    I have read Jinn and its predecessors, and most of your other works – every one of them on my e-reader. At age 79, I find that the print size of many of the paperbacks I acquired aeons ago has shrunk badly. And the paper has mellowed (yellowed?) and become brittle. I now choose an e-reader edition as often as possible to save trees (but not electrons, which is re-volting, I know, but it keeps the spark in me amped up. I do most of my reading at ohm). Unless there is a compelling reason to print paperback editions, I say stick with e-reader editions (or .pdf for those who want to print their own copy).

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