A new release. SkyGhost.

SkyGhost cover large
SkyGhost. The first naturist steampunk novel?


I know, I know, I’m swamping the world with books. Just tell me to stop and I won’t, I promise that. I also promise that, for now, this is the last one. Simply because the rest still needs to be written. 😉

I love the steampunk genre. My non-naturist web presence wrote several of such stories (like Bactine, Lily Marin – the Novel, and Aeroparts Factory).

For that reason I entertained the idea of trying my hand and keyboard at a naturist work in this genre.

What is steampunk?

Steampunk man, all dressed up.
Steampunk role players can go all-out!

Think airships instead of airplanes. Robots and other machines running on steam instead of electrical power (hint, it’s in the name!) and punkers (not so much). Most steampunk stories originate around 1870 / 1880, at the start of the industrial revolution, and in the steampunk realm there is no or only very little electrical power. Visit this link for some more information, if you are curious.

So… what is SkyGhost about?

SkyGhost is the name of an airship, and its crew is naked. For several reasons. Which ones? You’ll have to wait for the book to come out.

And when?

Next Saturday. As of writing, that means July 23rd, 2022. I hope you can wait that long. It’s going to be available as an e-book in the usual places, and also as usual, the paperback will take a bit longer.

Superheroes are on their way

Superheroes. No capes, no nothing.

Yes. The book is unleashed onto the unsuspecting public.

The book is available at AmazonAmazon.co.ukAmazon.deAmazon.nlAmazon.itAmazon.frAmazon.esAmazon.caAmazon.auBarnes&NobleApple iTunesKoboGoogle PlaystoreTolinoAmazon POD (paperback), Vivlio.

Yes, even the paperback is out now. It went faster than I had thought!

I hope you enjoy the story. Superheroes do not need capes!

Announcement. About superheroes.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen and people who don’t fit either or any description…

There is a new book coming out on May 14th of 2022. It’s about superheroes. Superheroes that don’t wear capes. Or anything else.

Let me tell you what the book is about:

Pat and Jody are friends. Together with some other friends they go out and have fun afternoons and evenings.
At some point they decide to “visit” a mysterious warehouse, because Jody feels like “breaking in” somewhere.
Things happen in that warehouse, and for Pat and Jody life will never be the same again.

Find out how they acquire weird powers and how they have to find a balance between being superheroes and regular people. It sounds easy, until you face the problem.

The publication date has been confirmed on Amazon and Vivlio (a French e-book store). More stores are Kobo, Apple Books and Barnes&Noble.

And the list goes on with Google Play Books and Tolino!

Wanted: Superheroes

Folks, don’t laugh. I am very serious.

I need 2 superheroes. Even worse, I need two nude superheroes. And why? I have a book cover to fill.

So far, the cover looks like this. Not much there, huh? I agree. It needs people. Superhero people. And that is where this cry for help comes in.

What I am looking for are a man and a woman, anywhere between 20 and 50, who are willing to donate 2 pictures each. In return you will get a copy of the book, e-book or print, whichever has your preference. Autographed if you so like. (Sorry, I am not in the publishing ranks of George R.R. Martin yet, where I can pay thousands of dollars as a fee.)

If you are interested, intrigued or just plain curious: please read on.

What I am looking for are 2 pictures per hero. 1 dressed, 1 undressed. The female hero is a school teacher, the male hero is a programmer. The dressed images will need a clear face, so be aware of that. People WILL be able to recognise you if they see the book. No need to import a school for the teacher, or a computer room for the programmer, though. 🙂

That’s all I want to share for now. If you are interested, please drop me a line via the contact form or the email address that’s listed there.

Not reading but legibility

I have a question to the people who buy the paperback versions of my stories. Not a difficult one, but I hope you want to be honest about it.

Last week I put this image on twitter:

Jinn paperback

It looks good.

But… I wonder if you, dear and valued reader, feel good about the inside. And specifically about the font size used.

Simply put: do you find the pages easy to read?

I could bore you with all kinds of technical things, but that is not the reason for this post. I would just like to know if you feel the used font could be a tad larger.

If yes, when you think that makes the pages a bit easier to read, I need to point out that this will have an impact on the size of the book. A book will grow by a few pages if I change the size of the font. Not dramatically, but it might add a few dimes to the price of the book.

For that reason also, I would like to know if you´re fine with the books they are now, of if you would like the size of the letters a bit larger.

Don´t be afraid that I will laugh, this is a serious question. Reading should be a joy, not something that costs too much or be done with a magnifying glass.

Thank you in advance all for your comments. (And in case you were waiting for the paperback of Jinn to come out, you can find it here.)



Yes. It happened.

Today the new Naked Crow book, Jinn, sees the virtual light of day in your favourite e-book space.

Naked Crow 11 - Jinn

Lizzy, an almost forgotten friend of Sheila and Jeremy, gets in touch with a cry for help.

She, with her group of friends, managed to summon a Jinn and now they’re in a fix. The Jinn doesn’t want to go home and causes problems. Sheila’s reputation speaks for itself, and so she is Lizzy’s last resort.

We also encounter a dangerous man at the Mighty Oaks. He’s not dangerous to others, though, but to himself.

As usual, there’s a lot going on and there are many questions to be answered. And not only by that Jinn.

The book is already available at

Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes&Noble , Apple books, Kobo and the Google Playstore

As you will know by now, the paperback drags its pages and will appear when it’s done.

Go nude into space

And find “A New World”.

Nude in Space 2, web cover

The newest book by me, P.Z. Walker, has become available at the e-stores today.

You can find it at SmashwordsAmazonBarnes&NobleApple iTunes, and Kobo.

What’s this all about?

In this sequel to “Nude In Space”, a group of ‘nudies’ want to escape a dying Earth in search of CS 298.

Will they succeed? And what if they do? Will there be that planet which was once visited and that no one ever returned to?

Follow Bradley, Trish, Joan, Jack and many others on their quest, in search of a new world.

As usual, the paperback isn’t out yet, but it is ‘in the works’, as we say. I hope you’re well and safe, and enjoying the nude life. Here, or in space!

A writing update from P.Z.

P.Z. Walker writing

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Or month. Or some other, less fixed period of time.

I have a writing update. Lots of things are happening and going on, even unfolding! Did that get your attention? Good.

Nude in Space 2

Yes. Believe it or not. There will be a follow-up novel to Nude in Space, which technically is book 1 now.

Nude in Space 2, web cover

And this is the cover for the new book. I hope the fans of the first story will enjoy this second one at least as much. Seeing that people actually buy and read the first one made me decide there has to be a number 2, and who knows, maybe there will even be a number 3. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I’m currently editing the second story – which is going well – and I might even be able to have the e-book in the online bookstores around Christmas. I’m going to try, trust me.

Naked Crow 11.

Yes. There is an 11th book for Sheila, Jeremy and several others. Some characters will be old, some new, and at least one of them is going to be scary.


The story will involve something Arabic-ish. Hence this odd symbol which I will incorporate into the cover for the new Naked Crow book.

I’m not going to give away much about it, because once I start talking, I might give away the plot. Suffice to say that Jeremy will be painting and Sheila will have lots of interesting encounters. This story is in the stage of needing a reread to fix the worst blunders, before I dare to take this any further.


Yes. I’m writing a proper story about nude superheroes. I once wrote one but that was not good. It was… wrong. Some would not agree, but I didn’t deem it fit for publication, and I hid it somewhere deep in the directories on my computer. Some stories just need to function as a terrifying example of how not to do this.

The new, real Superheroes story is going well. It’s over 50.000 words and it needs to grow. The working title of it is “NSH”. This stands for Naked Super Heroes.

Emma Nelson. Book 3.

The art of stealing
Emma Nelson book 2

Seriously, this list won’t end.

Believe it or not, but there is a third Emma Nelson book. I wrote ‘the end’ in it a few days ago, and now it’s cooling down.

As I had promised, I would focus on this story during my vacation, and that seriously paid off.

This one, nor Naked Crow 11, will make it to the stores around Christmas, I can promise you that. There’s still too much work to be done about them.

I hope you enjoyed this update.

Stay safe, everyone!

Emma Nelson goes on vacation

Emma Nelson 1 - See-Through
See-Through – Emma Nelson 1

No. She doesn’t. I do. I go on vacation, and I’m taking Emma Nelson with me. Of course that’s not her in person, but the third story I’m trying to keep going.

I think I made comments about how hard it is to write crime stories before. In case you missed those:

It’s bloody hard to write good crime stories!

Just so you know. The third story is slowly moving along, but that has to change.

That is where vacation comes in.

The art of stealing
The Art of Stealing

I’m off on a vacation at the end of this week. I’ll be out of the country and on the island of Fuerteventura, to be with a special person who is not Emma Nelson. Still, there will be time to write, because a day without writing is a day without writing.

My plan is to only work on the third Emma Nelson story while I’m there, to see how much of a kick in the naked butt I can give it. I’ll be gone for a week, which should give me ample time to get some text down on the typewriter. (In fact it’s a laptop, but I type on it to write, so that makes it a typewriter. 😉 )

There probably won’t be Sunday Noon Nudists and a sort of weekly post next week, unless something amazing happens, so you’re warned.

Have a great day, and keep it nude when you can.


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