Autumnal naturism – follow-up

Last week I wrote about heading out to a spa. I did it.

Well, that concludes today’s post.

Hah, almost fooled you, I know. 😉

It was a great day out. They had their COVID-19 measures in place, and no one there seemed to feel in any way unsafe regarding the virus. Kudos to the people who work at Thermen de Berendonk (note: Dutch website).

The weather was perfect for the visit too. It rained almost all day.

Naked woman in the rain

The fact that the temperature wasn’t bad and the wind kept itself to the speed limits as well made this a perfect way to cool down after a sauna stay.

In case you don know: cooling down after a stay inside a sauna is a must. Otherwise your body will overheat, and you’ll feel very bad for a while.

Most entertaining outside were the people who had wrapped themselves in towels and bathrobes, trying to protect themselves from the bit of falling rain beneath the spa-supplied umbrellas. Well, entertaining… it was also pathetic to witness. These same people walk around naked inside, but for some reason fear they get cold / seen / wet outside. I just stuffed my towel in a bag and went into the rain. When else do you get a choice opportunity for that, I ask you?

I had a great day and I hope I can repeat that in the near future. As long as the regulations for COVID-19 allow the place to be open, I’m ready for it.

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2 thoughts on “Autumnal naturism – follow-up”

  1. Glad you had fun! I checked out. the website; the place looks really cool. May I assume ‘badkledingdagen’ means what it’d mean if I took it as an English word: ‘bathing suit days’?

    I’m interested in what the spa physically does to comply with ‘Covid-19 regulations’ and what the exact criteria the spa must meet are. I’d love to see the ‘official’ list of each. The reason I’m asking is that I’d to see if those are things that could be enacted in private gatherings thereby reducing risk. Do you have any ideas as to how I could go about finding that info? While English would be lovely, I understand that’s rather silly, so Frisian or Dutch (or even German) would be fine as well.

    I had 3 years of German & a semester of Old English in college; I dabble in Frisian, Platt, & Anglish* when time allows. So I’m a bit of a language nerd and don’t mind wading through the info 🙂

    Many thanks!

    *Anglish is a general term for modern English modified as necessary to use as few borrowed words as possible. When borrowing is needed words from other Germanic languages are used whenever possible. N.B. This is my personal definition, not any sort of ‘official’ one.

    1. They have a video about how they do it:

      There is a limit to the number of people who are allowed, they have walking directions, and more. Good luck following the video. You can switch on subtitles and set the language to your preference. It’s amazing that this works so well (I checked the English version).

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