6 thoughts on “Sunday Noon Nudist”

  1. As a Trekkie, I enjoyed this, of course.
    But it got me wondering what it feels like. Does it feel nice like being nude, but you are sort of hiding your nudity from other folks.
    I was pondering the creation of spray-on swimming trunks so that one could go nude on any beach. Problems might occur if they washed off in the sea. 🙂

    1. I think the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.

      For one it would be the perfect way to be nude in public, the next person will reject it as it is hiding nudity. I would go for it. I am not nude for others to see, I am nude for me. And if some paint helps as a pacifier for some people who consider themselves too sensitive for that (but enjoy killing, guns, gore and murder – yay sensitive) then that’s perfect for me.

  2. This photo was taken at the 2009 Fremont Solstice Parade in Seattle. The parade itself is sponsored by the Fremont (one of the city’s neighborhoods) Arts Council. Participants are local groups and all floats must be human powered.

    While not an official part of the parade the Solstice Cyclists have been a regular fixture since the early 90s. In the past, the cyclists rode the parade route prior to the parade’s start, but were moved to the end of the parade in 2019. There was no parade this year due to COVID.

    While not all cyclists are completely nude, most are. Also, most have some body paint (this is an arts council’s parade after all), but some do participate nude and unpainted. There were over a thousand participants in 2019. Search “Fremont Solstice Cyclists” in Flickr for thousands of photos from over the years.

  3. Where was that from????

    I remember a Trekkie convention in NY where the woman who played Nurse Chappel showed up. (Or at least I think it was her. It was a long long time ago.) She wore nothing but a jewel in her navel to protest that women weren’t allowed to show their belly buttons on television but the men showed everything above the beltline.

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