That is not a good reason to be naked!

This is what I just heard from my neighbour.

Okay, this happened in the past as I am writing that way before you read this, but that’s fine.

I just was outside on the balcony, getting a whiff of fresh air after many boiling days (100+F / 35+C days are not common yet here). My neighbour, curious as she is, saw me.

In the forest

“You are naked.” Her observational skills are definitely amazing. I told her that I had been naked most of the time in this heat.

“That is disgusting,” she shared with me. Because people have clothes so they should wear them. (Note: sweat was waterfalling down from her.)

I detailed somewhat that it was very warm inside my house, and lacking an air conditioning (I hate those things) I could either put on clothes and sweat horribly (I doubt she noticed the jab) or be naked. I had once told her I am a naturist but still she was appalled:

“That is not a good reason to be naked!”

I asked her what would be a good reason. Can you imagine it actually took her a few moments to come up with showering?

I am sure I will be known as the naked pervert of the neighbourhood now, as far as she’s concerned. Good thing the rest of the neighbourhood, as far as I know, isn’t so anally retentive.

Do you have people like this in your circle of acquaintances?

If so… my condolences.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

2 thoughts on “That is not a good reason to be naked!”

  1. I’m completely UNsurprised that sex didn’t occur to her as a reason….
    Yes, I’ve had people like this in my life and I’ve worked very hard to distance myself from them. I’ve found that handling such people in an appropriate manner becomes more and more energy intensive with every passing year. My own theory for people like her is that they are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to be anally retentive. That day it was your lack of clothing. The next day it was likely something else.

    As far as air conditioning goes. Most professionals in the US way overprescribe the number of cooling BTU’s needed. In hot humid areas such as the entire US east coast, generally only 1/2 to 2/3 is needed. I believe in the summer in the Netherlands humidity rises with temperature. Therefore, suppose you have a one bedroom apartment and the a/c professionan feel al recommends 8,000btu for the bedroom and 10,000 btu for the living areas. NO. 5,000 btu for bedroom and 5,000 for living areas. With high humidity it is ALWAYS better to undercool. The less humid the air is, the higher the temperature you feel comfortable. I can give you more detail if you like but that’s the main concept.

    1. Thank you for your comment. You seem to know a lot about A/C.
      I don’t want such a thing in my house. I’d rather take my clothes off and move slower. So far it works fine. 🙂

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