A naturist’s view on nudism. (And naturism!)

Nudism. Naturism.

Is there a difference? I know that in most of the US of A the words are used interchangeably.

nude people
Nudists or naturists?

I also know that in Europe, for instance, the two words are used differently. Naturism appeared after nudism. I’ve been thinking about those two words recently.

Thoughts on the difference.

Nudist bowling alleyNudism. The word has ‘nude’ as its base. Being nude. Like the people in the image on the right, playing bowling, having a clothes free, good time. Great for them, and if you’d ask me I’d join them in an instant. For one it’s a great way to be socially nude, and for another it would be nice to practice bowling again. (I truly suck at it.)

Naturism. The word has ‘nature’ at its base. Being with/part of nature, like the people

Naked mountaineeringon the left. Naked in nature, being part of it and experiencing it that way. Exposing themselves to the real, rough world in their own vulnerability. It’s a way to get things into perspective.

An average human, in clothing (be it protective or not), will consider himself or herself master of the world, maybe because we’ve conquered just about everything. How untrue such a statement is when you’re naked and perhaps even afraid!

naked and afraid
“Naked and afraid”

We’ve not conquered things. We’re adjusting them – and often with disastrous results, like the acid rain the world faced and still faces, climate change, and earthquakes that happen because we empty the earth below us from fossil fuels.

Can you be a nudist and a naturist?

I think that’s perfectly possible. Being naked in and around your house, whenever that’s possible, makes you a nudist (in my view at least). Enjoying the outside in the nude, being close to and having respect for nature (one of the pillars of naturism according to the INF) makes you a naturist.

More and more I feel like dropping all those words and labels. Be who you really are. Be naked and nude and a nudist and a naturist and clothes-free. As long as you feel good about it and you don’t intend to shock others when you’re in your natural state.

Author: Paul

Promoting the clothes-free lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “A naturist’s view on nudism. (And naturism!)”

  1. I have come across a number of views on what these terms mean. None are “correct”, but I quite like this:

    A naturist is someone who would like to discard clothes completely, only wearing anything when physical protection [from cold, for example] is necessary.

    A nudist is someone who is quite happy to be nude, and will probably choose to be, when clothing is superfluous or even problematic – e.g. when swimming, sunbathing, sleeping.

    The difference between these is subtle. I would class myself as a nudist. I think swimming trunks are just silly, but I would not necessarily do housework naked.

    The common factor is lack of shame about nudity and a clear separation between being nude and thoughts of sex.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Colin. I love how those two words have a slightly different meaning to almost everyone. 🙂

  2. In my view, nudists want to be casually nude for comfort, freedom, health, recreation or socially when and where it is practical. It doesn’t matter if it’s at home, a nude resort, outside in nature or anywhere allowed. I am a nudist (emphasis on nude). ‘Naturist’ emphasizes nature.

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