A question to you. About the Naturist’s Library.

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This is a question for you all.

I’ve made some changes to the Naturist’s Library pages. Yes, PageS! Now there’s another thing I could add, but I really need to know if there’s some kind of interest for that.

At the moment there’s just the basic info for a book on the page. Title, author, purchase links, and (as one of the recent changes) if it’s a volume in a series.

I could extend that with (part of) the back cover text that comes with most books.

At the moment a book entry looks like this:

Book entry

I could add a little button/option/gimmick/whatever to each entry that will let you see the back cover text, for instance when you hover the mouse over it. However, that involves a lot of work. Not creating the option, that’s the fun part, but adding all those texts to the information. Note there are over 150 books in the library so I’d have to go over all of them and copy that text.

So here’s my question: how valuable is that? Would you appreciate that? Would you use it? Would it be a good addition to the page?

Author: Paul

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10 thoughts on “A question to you. About the Naturist’s Library.”

  1. Hi Paul, it sounds like you’d enjoy setting it up, just not putting all the books on since there are so many. It would be an attractive feature, but on the other if you click on the link you can read about the book on Amazon or wherever, including customer reviews. I think it would be a cool feature, hands down, but maybe superfluous? Unless you really want to invest the time in it. Thanks again for setting up what has become the de facto naturist fiction library reference!

  2. I personally think it would help people make more informed decisions about whether to make a purchase or not.

    1. Thank you, Mo. That is the other side of the coin I was considering. Maybe I can set up the idea for this first and add the texts for new additions, while slowly adding others. I’ll give this some more thinkery. 🙂

  3. i think I have read most, if not all, of the books that you have listed and have appreciated and enjoyed the marjority of them. I do not believe that the additional work would bring more interested people to the library. If you have an interest, you are looking already.

  4. Paul,
    I should have read what I wrote before I pushed send.
    I didn’t mean to imply that your list only benefits a few of us. I was trying to say that I think most people would look at the link you provide if they were interested in the book.
    Sorry for the confusion.
    Carl Mario

  5. Hi Paul – I think Will Forrest hit the mark most effectively. However in some cases there are no Amazon reviews, and some that are there were obviously written by friends of the author.
    On further reflection (from our earlier correspondence) I think a one-liner from you where there are no reviews would be valuable because you are a trustworthy author/editor. I can think of one or two books I have bought and almost instantly regretted doing so because of the writing, grammar, or weak storyline. Of course then I should write my own ‘review’ or star-rate the book.

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