Naked meditation

Naked meditation
You may have heard of it before. Or done it before. Or have no experience with it or either (being naked, or meditation). I started meditating a long time ago. Partly because I was curious, partly because I had stepped away from Catholicism and Christianity as those didn’t appeal to me. After going through several kinds of meditation (Yoga, Zen, etc.) I found Transcendental Meditation. No, don’t worry, this is not to convert you or drag you into something.

The interesting bit is that for meditation it is always emphasised that it’s important to wear clothing that doesn’t feel tight or restrictive.

Nude YogaNow, what can be less restrictive than no clothes at all? (Except for when it comes to your own mind that tells you to wear something because being naked is wrong? In which case you should retrain your mind, but that’s my opinion.) That is the awareness I had when I started into nudism and naturism. After trying it, I decided that meditating in the nude was the ultimate way to do it for me. There is literally nothing that is ‘around’ you. No itching from fabric, no restraints from elastics.

I only discovered one drawback to this. When meditating together with others who are not into meditating in the nude, I don’t want to make those people feel uncomfortable so I wear something as light as possible. Those meditations are never as good as the nude ones, though.

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4 thoughts on “Naked meditation”

  1. just my experience but when i do yoga or meditate, i know this will sound kind of the opposite of what it should but especially yoga, my yoga pants and top actually help.. the tightness but freedom of movement still actually help me a lot during a Eka hasta vrksasanav (tree pose, one handed) Though meditating is fine but yeah my experiences are not the same as other peoples!

  2. what i sort of did not add is that those clothes, in that instance, sort of act like an elastic and hold everything tight. Maybe because i learned yoga in a clothed environment first before trying at home.. the habit is hard to break- but i try!

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