3 thoughts on “No clothes, no problem.”

  1. clothes and naturism do not always have to be at odds with each other though.. i love clothes 🙂 almost as much as being without them : )

    though if we lived in a naturist/nudist accepting world, i could save my wardrobe for just the very nicest things and not have to worry: )

    1. Absolutely true, that last part. I’m not too fond of clothes; they’re more a necessity for colder times. And for out among the not so open minded. 😉

      1. At home, my dad and i spend like… around 80% of the time as we want to be with only 20% or so of the time when people come here. It is well-below 0c here right now, still comfortable! though even though my window is open, we have a fire on in the living room 😀

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