On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

Be yourself

Mastodon post

On Mastodon, the other day (which other day isn't important), I read this post:

People are being bashed because they dare to be themselves.

Is that jealousy?

How is life when you constantly pretend to be someone you're not? Does that make you feel better on your dying bed?

People, please be your beautiful self, it makes life so much richer

To that, I responded:

I think it's indeed jealousy, but also the fear of change many people have. When such people see change in someone, or they see someone becoming their real self, that's change and it comes very close. Which is scary for them.

And that while change is the only constant factor in life.

Status Quo

Image of the band Status Quo
I truly believe that society is being programmed to reject change. It's somewhat of a human trait to keep the status quo (as displayed up here), but that also means that progress comes to a halt. And no progress means entropy. If something doesn't move, it will deteriorate and fall apart eventually.

Our job

Body painted, happy young woman taking a selfie in public
For that, our job as naturists (yes, I consider this a job in this post), is to keep things moving. WeΒ are the change that many people see and fear. Yes, in many cases it is jealousy; they want this too but they're scared of falling outside the accepted boundaries of normality.

Certainly, many people are so brainwashed by society and religion they can't wrap their minds around our 'shameless and scandalous' behaviour. They'll freak out and start bashing us, but that's their problem. We can't make that ours. As long as the bashing isn't physical, that is. Otherwise their problem does become our problem.

We all know the people who are opposing us. They shouldn't stop us from being us. At the same time, I thin we shouldn't stop them from being them, not by 'force' anyway. Don't try to convince them we're right. Let them entropy and fall apart. Let us keep moving, being the change we want to see in the world, and lead by example. Lead by being naked and feeling good about that.

We know it's not hard to feel good, being nude.