On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

Let's talk paper

I have a question to those readers who prefer paper books to digital ones.

At this moment all my books are available in print via Amazon. Now, I happen to know there are people who refuse to buy from that store, on personal ground.

Stack of P.Z. Walker books.
(Proudly showing a bunch of the books I'm talking about.)

My question to those paperback loving, Amazon hating people is: would you buy paperbacks from another place?

I am asking this, because it is possible for me to set up paperbacks 'elsewhere' as well, although I would have to alter some covers. The printer I'm considering has more issues with nudity on a cover than even Amazon or Apple, which is quite something.

I would hate to alter covers but...

...if there are enough people who would like a paper book from a non-Amazon source, I would do it. It's a lot of work, it would destroy the soul of several covers, like those from the Unsworth series, and possible some Naked Crow ones. Definitely the first Superhero cover would beΒ very different, as that was the one which made it clear that nude people on printed covers are a no-no there. (I still haven't found a trustworthy other place that I want to have my books attached to.)

Cookie Monster
So here is that question. Would Amazon-haters buy paper books from elsewhere? Note: if you don't want to respond 'in person' (some people value their anonimity, there's always the "thumbs-up" image at the bottom you can click to say 'yes'. Provided you allow the cookie monster on this site to invade your computer.

Again, I'm willing to do this, but there has to be enough engagement for it. Putting in a few hours of work for nothing or no one isn't my idea of a good time. And do comment if you feel it is (for you, not for me!).