On the joy of being naked
Nudity is permitted beyond this point.

Naturism, religion and kids.

Naturism, religion and children.

Is this a strange combination? Yes, and no. The interesting fact is there that many people, doused in religion, are against naturism. For whatever reason. There are also non-religious people against it, and some religious people are in favour. It's a big mix of opinions and preference, comparable to actual life.

A bad mix

Nude boy at a beach
What struck me, a few days ago, was that lots of people fear that naturism and children are a bad mix. In their distorted view, lots of naturists are just 'naturists' to see and abuse naked children. It's undeniable there probably are some folks who do that. There are rotten apples everywhere.

The odd thing here is that many folks condemning naturism, turn to their religion to point out that their skylord, god, deity of choice etc., has some 'proof' that naturism is wrong, either with or without the inclusion of child abuse and sexual activities.

Another bad mix

Something that these same, god-fearing, naturism-condemning people conveniently seem to forget is this:

Sign mentioning clergy abuse
Sexual child abuse in the Catholic church (and some others probably too) has been a red hot topic over the years, and the flow doesn't seem to stop.

How do we make sense of this?

People saying that naturism and children is bad, because of the predators that go for the small ones, while at the same time they turn to the institutions who have proven to extensively do the very thing that naturists in general are accused of.

A bad taste

This is yet another reason why religion leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Religion and people are the bad mix, when a religion's upholders are kept to unhealthy ways of life, like abstinence of sexual activities. Just taking a vow doesn't make those people asexual, holier-than-thou beings. They're just folks, professionally brainwashed into thinking this is a good way to live.

Protesters against child abuse in church


Naturism is the healthiest way of all. We know this. If you don't believe me, listen to this podcast from the Naturist Living show, which is an interview with Dr Keon West, who's done and still does a lot of research on the benefits of naturism.

Research by Professor Keon West in the last few years has produced some amazing results that confirm our experience. Dr. West tells us more about his work and how he came to do this research; which may surprise you.

(Note that this podcast is the basis for this post, so thank you, Dr West.)